Live Escape – Santa’s Christmas Conundrum

Live Escape – Santa’s Christmas Conundrum
Location: Huddersfield
Game Date: 30/12/19
Team: Amy & Ian



The room looked lovely and festive, with a cute asthetic. It was clear that this was a temporary set up, but it did the job well, looked pretty, and was full of festive cheer.
The space was large, albeit a 1 room set up, and the lighting was excellent throughout.

Game Play:
A non-linear game that consisted of plenty of puzzle types, Word, Logic, Observation, Code-breaking, physical, searching. There was plenty to occupy all types of brains.
Puzzles were nicely on theme and some required some out of the box thinking but were mainly logical and sound.
All the puzzles were enjoyable, and even the jigsaw had its moment! There was one puzzle that we really struggled with, it could have been excecuted with a bit more finesse and elegance as it is a puzzle we’ve seen many many times before and not one we normally get tripped up on!
Signposting was adequate. Some things were nicely signposted others were left for you to discover on your own.
Flow was good, a busy game with plenty to do and short sharp puzzles to keep you moving forward throughout the game!

Clue System:
Santa’s elves magically delivered clues via the chimney!

Game Host:
Olivia was our host, and again was enthusiastic, attentive and friendly, it was lovely to have her as our host again!
Clue delivery was timed to perfection.

Did we escape?
Yes, in about 43 minutes

2 Players £42
3 Players £57
4 Players £72
5 Players £85
6 Players £102

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