The Escaporium – A Christmas Advent-ure

The Escaporium – A Christmas Advent-ure
Location: Halifax
Game Date: 30/12/2019
Team: Amy & Ian


“There’s always that one elf that takes it too far at the Christmas Party! Drunkett is that elf! He drank too much egg nog, and got way too merry! He then thought it was a funny idea to sneak into the Elves den on his own and hide all of the Christmas tips and bonuses that everybody has been working hard for!

The Elves are asking for human help to find all their PUD’s (Polar Union Dollars) before Santa comes in one hour!”

The room looked great, festive and decorated beautifully. A reflection of the Elves den that could quite easily have been lived in and really felt like we were sneaking into another world, full of festive delights. There was a lovely Christmassy soundtrack playing the entire time. An utterly Charming room with the most unique and immersive story we’ve encountered in a Christmas Room.
The space was large enough for the maximum team size and lighting was excellent and never impeded gameplay

Game Play:
A linear game that was sheer puzzling paradise. The room was an advent calendar so there were 25 individual puzzles to tackle, with the exciting addition of some searches and bonus puzzles to complete if you had time. EVERY puzzle type was covered in this game, listing them all here would take too long, but rest assured there is something for everyone.
The linear nature kept us on track and the variety and ingenuity in the puzzles kept us engage for the entire hour.
The game was, however not about time, but about how many PUDs you could collect and you can do this by solving more and more puzzles. (to solve all you’re gonna have to solve at full speed)
The Escaporium have created a game here that excels in its puzzle design, solutions were clear and concise and logic was exquisite with ah-ha moments that came thick and fast.
The signposting in the game was exceptional, as it had to be in a linear game.
There was not so much that answers were gained easily, but enough to really drive the game forward and this was reflected in the flow of the game, which was fast-paced, frantic and so much fun!
One thing that stood out was how well the puzzles were integrated into the theme, lore and story of the room, considering this is a “temporary” Christmas room, the layers of story are incredible, to the point where the game starts even before you get into the room!
A perfect game for any level of players as the game will automatically adjust to your pace of play, and teams are undoubtedly going to get their full hour in the room!

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via a screen

Game Host:
Ange & Mark were our Game hosts and were absolutely wonderful. You won’t get a warmer welcome or better hosting, Briefing was done well, and in theme. Clues were delivered with perfection.

Did we escape?
Escaping is not the main goal, it’s how many PUDS you can collect, we collected 4960, topping the leaderboard!

Website: https://www.theescaporium.com
2 Players £40
3 Players £54
4 Players £68
5 Players £80
6 Players £90

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