The Escapement- The Network

The Escapement – The Network

“Cynthia Binks and her team are MIA. Escapement Network Agents will initiate Protocol 7 in the event that they have been compromised, if this is not the case, then we can assume those agents have been lost in the field.

Our current status is at Alert 9, the first time in 30 years. Safe house operations, Street frontages and headquarters are either closed or in limited operation until the Alert 9 situation is under control.

The Alert was raised following intelligence that would suggest the Network has been infiltrated and information is being leaked to an unknown source.

The Quartz device has started to communicate with 8 unknown locations, this could have only have happened if our research had been leaked.

From the computer records we believe a small group of low level network agents could be responsible. We need you to find out who they are, why they are leaking information and who got to them!

Your first person of interest is Noah W. Previously an employee of Grimhilde Mining Corp and joined The Escapement with the Intelligence migration in 2017. Research this individual, make contact and find out why he’s being interrogated.”

The Network is a boxed game, and the production quality is obvious from the moment you unwrap the box. You can tell it’s going to be a special experience. All the parts of the game are produced to perfection, with the utmost attention to detail. The box pairs with an online element which serves to deepen the story and bring the box into reality, or at least the one that The Escapement has created. This symbiotic relationship between the two gives a very realistic and immersive experience.

Game Play:
Taking this game at your own pace, you can really saviour the detail and complexity in this game.
Puzzles were excellent, with the main focus being on the deduction of evidence, but there were some smartly designed puzzles within the game that consisted primarily of logic, teamwork, observation and even physical puzzles.
Each and every puzzle was perfectly in theme and so well constructed it felt very real, at some points during the game it felt like we were delving into something we had no business in! Very immersive.
The puzzles themselves were excellent in their logic, with some really magical ah-ha moments, it was a real feat that these moments were woven into the story, and produced in a boxed escape room.
The flow of the game was perfect, with it dipping from open to linear and focusing down when needed to create the perfect mix.
Signposting was near perfection, subtle yet guiding and wholly in theme.
The most impressive thing in The Network’s gameplay was its cohesion, and ability to create a world, it has many, many layers with subtle nods to the rest of The Escapement’s world.

Clue System:
Clues are available online, however, we didn’t use any!

Website: https://escapementmargate.co.uk/



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