Where to get an escape room fix?

As we all know, we’re in the grips of a pandemic. It’s awful. Life seems to have stopped for the majority of us, and Escape Rooms across the country have closed. Luckily there are ways to scratch the itch at home, these are some of my favourites, and some I intend to play. This list will be updated as best as possible!

Online Escape Rooms:

These are a mix of play at home, treasure hunts and live-streamed escape rooms.

Take The Exithttps://taketheexit.co.uk/book-here
Panic Room –  https://www.thepanicroomonline.co.uk/
11th Hour Escapes – Victoria’s Last Challange https://11thhourescaperooms.co.uk/
Escape Rooms Durham – Mr X https://www.escapedurham.co.uk/home
Deadlocked Escape Rooms – The Insiders https://deadlockedrooms.com/reading/index.html
Ready Mayor One http://readymayorone.com/
Paruzal: paruzal.com
Escape One Algarve: Escape The Pub bit.ly/escapetheboredom-thepub
Escape Room Herndon: Potter’s Escape www.escaperoomherndon.com/pottersescapegame
Escape Room Arlington: Jed the Gnome https://www.escaperoomarlington.com/jed-puzzles
Reality Break Escapes: Mystery of the missing Mare https://www.cluekeeper.com/find/hunt/Reality-Break-Escapes/Mystery-of-the-Missing-Mare/5837956746051584
Whacky Wheels: Mystery Games https://www.wackywheels.nl/mystery-games/
Peter’s Township Public Library – Harry Potter Escape Room https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSflNxNM0jzbZJjUqOcXkwhGTfii4CM_CA3kCxImbY8c3AABEA/viewform
Modern Fables: Medogan https://www.modern-fables.com/medogan
Escape Hunt:  http://www.escapehunt.co.uk
Elgin Escape:  Mansion Murder http://www.elginescape.com
Clue Cracker: https://www.cluecrackergames.co.uk/
ClueQuest: Stolen IQ http://www.cluequest.co.uk
Hysteria Escape Rooms: The Bank Job https://hysteriaescaperooms.com/gift-vouchers
“Shrek” Themed escape game https://virtualprogramming.wixsite.com/shrekescaperoom
Pop-Punk Pandemonium and Devil’s Den at https://www.betheescape.com
Bank Heist at https://expeditionescape.com
The Pentargo Escape Room: http://pentargo.com
Bewilder Box & Eltham Escape Rooms: B.R.U.C.E. https://bewilderbox.co.uk/onlineescaperooms/


Rusty Lake Series (These Games are available on mobile and on steam, and have a slightly macabre feeling to them)
The Room Series
Doors: Awakening
I Expect You To Die (VR only)
Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

These are just my favourites, there are LOTS about!

“Board” Games:

Exit – Many Many titles available, You can purchase these from many escape rooms in the UK, why not give your local escape room a call to get one and support them in these hard times! I’ve played about 10 of these now and they range from enjoyably logical to frustrating with massive leaps of logic!

Unlock – 5 or 6 titles available, I’ve played one and it was very enjoyable, with logical puzzles and fun game play!

Adventure Games – A few titles available, I’m yet to play as I want to play this in a 2!

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