Xscape Now – Sweeney Todd

Location:  Telford
Game Date: 19/07/2020
Team: Amy & Ian

WE’RE BACK!!! Sweeny Todd was our first game since lockdown, a forced break that was tough but necessary but oh my days did it feel amazing, if not a little bit weird to be back in a physical room again!

“Your friend, Captain Thornhill, was last seen entering Sweeney Todd’s barber shop. There have been a number of other unexplained disappearances in the area and a pattern is emerging. In your quest to discover what happened to Thornhill you decide to investigate the barbershop, but you must wait until you think Sweeney Todd is not around for fear of incurring his wrath and renowned bad temper!

Can you discover evidence of what happened to your friend and escape before Sweeney Todd returns?”

Sweeny Todd looked great. The room was decorated beautifully, with enough detail and decor to convey both Todd’s parlor and Mrs. Lovett’s Pie Shop. Whilst not quite as gory and gritty as you may expect, this could be explained by the story and of course, Sweeny & Lovett working together as not to arouse suspicion! (and it also made the game as accessible to everyone as it can be!)
The finish on the room was wonderful, and you could tell it was a room built from passion.
The immersion within the game was excellent, with all the props feeling authentic, this was a lovely touch and one that really did help the immersion.
The room was large and well lit. There would be no problems in taking the maximum number of players into this room.

Game Play:
A fairly linear game that had a few open moments throughout. Although there was an excellent range of puzzles (Word, teamwork, physical, number, logic, deduction, observation) the room leaned more towards the words and logic side of things (I did not mind that at all!) which is something to be aware of, you’re going to want to take your strongest wordsmith!
The puzzles were all excellent, perfectly on theme and utter bliss to solve. Answers came with almost no ambiguity (Literally, in one puzzle there was the tiniest bit of ambiguity but that was soon remedied) every other puzzle was clear, concise, and honed to perfection.
The puzzles were all unique, diverse, and interesting with wonderful ah-ha moments that both surprised and amused us in equal measure.
Flow was superb, with the game naturally delivering us puzzle after puzzle smoothly and without hesitation. There were no dull or sticky spots.
Signposting was close to perfection, everything was there to guide us but dressed in such a way that it added to the immersion, detail, and decor of the game, making the relationship between puzzles, story and set incredibly symbiotic.

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via a screen within the room

Game Host:
Michelle was our game host and she ran our game with excellence, delivering a great pre-game story to really set the mood and clues promptly when we asked (ok, we only had 1 clue, but it was delivered as soon as we asked for it)

Covid Safety:
Michelle adhered to the 2m social distancing at all times when briefing and debriefing us. Masks are not currently required to play. There was ample hand-sanitizer in the foyer and each room within the game.
The room itself was spotlessly clean and all props and touchable surfaces are cleaned thoroughly in-between each group, with any props that are unable to be sanitized taken out and replaced with a fresh one each time.
Toilets were spotless.
We felt thoroughly safe and clean throughout the entire time we were there.

Did we escape?
Yes, with about 5 minutes left!

Website: http://www.xscapenow.co.uk
2 Players £46
3 Players £63
4 Players £76
5 Players £85
6 Players £90

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