Swamp Motel – Plymouth Point

Swamp Motel – Plymouth Point
Location: Online
Game Date: 21/07/2020
Team: Amy, Ian, Gordon & Liz


We teamed up with Gordon & Liz from Review the Room to take on the mysteries of Plymouth Point, a game released by Swamp Motel which we were kindly invited to play.

“Plymouth Point is an immersive, online detective game that takes you from the comfy confines of the Plymouth Point Residents Watch into the heart of a deeply unsettling conspiracy.”

Plymouth Point is an enigma, and what happens during the game is best left unsaid. I want to keep this review as utterly spoiler-free as possible as, the less you know about Plymouth Point the better, it’s mystery and intrigue is best to be discovered on your journey through the game.

What I will say, however, is that Plymouth Point has high production values, is glossy, well put together and is incredibly interactive. It’s probably best described as an ARG and at time blurs the lines of reality.
Once we tumbled down the rabbit hole there was no stopping and I just wanted to devour all the lore and story that Swamp Motel created.

I was 100% taken in by how immersive and captivating this game is. The way events unfolded during the game, at the PERFECT moments within the story just added to the immersion.
There were a few times I pondered was this actually real, thanks to how thorough and detailed the world Swamp Motel have created.

The nature of Plymouth Point is one of discovery, sleuthing, observing and generally being a nosey internet stalker detective. Utilising Zoom and the internet, Plymouth Point takes you out of your comfort zone into a web of deception, lies and all other kinds of twists and turns.

The gameplay was unlike anything we’ve ever played before, whilst not a puzzle game, the interactivity and world-building was so very good that every one of us felt drawn into the story of Plymouth Point and we were left questioning reality at the end of the game.

Plymouth Point was a refreshing change from all the online games we’ve played and really offers a different experience that is at times fast-paced, sometimes creepy but always fun and rewarding. There are moments in the game I am not going to talk about but I urge you to try Plymouth Point, discover the secrets

Website: https://www.plymouthpoint.co.uk/
Price: £35

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