ClueQuest – Humanity 2.0

Location: Play at Home
Game Date: 25/07/2020
Team: Amy


“Professor BlackSheep has retreated to his hideaway in the North Pole, known as White Hat AI, where he has built a supercomputer capable of carrying out his plans. Agent Crimson and MrQ are rejoined by Lord Hammerschmidt, MrsQ and the escaped scientist Frank Erikson. Together they are on a mission to find the Professor’s lair and shut down the weapon, and they need your help!”

I adore the world of ClueQuest, their artistic style, the ongoing war between MrQ and Professor Blacksheep really is appealing and oh so much fun, we LOVED their “Operation Blacksheep” room we played a few years ago (and honestly I wish they were a bit closer to home so we could play the other 3 rooms!!) so I was over the moon when ClueQuest e-mailed offering me a copy of their newest Print, Cut + Play Game “Humanity 2.0”
The game delves even more into the fantastic world of MrQ and we are put in the position of ably assisting him from “mission control” – this gives a good sense of immersion to what would be a regular play at home game.
The computer interface that is used to input the puzzle’s answers is perfectly on theme, as is all the printable material. (As an aside, I thoroughly recommend DoxDirect for any printing needs, very cheap and swift delivery)
The production values of Humanity 2.0 are great with the art style keeping with ClueQuests pleasing aesthetic.
The story unfolds with aplomb and kept me engaged and entertained for the entire hour and a half that I spent playing.
The assembly time was short, less than 10 mins which is excellent compared to some other games which take an AGE to cut up before starting!

Game Play:
Humanity 2.0 is split into 4 chapters, each with a different style of play and they playfully bounce from linear to open and back again with ease.
The Prologue and Chapter 1 leant very heavily on word, observation, logic and communication. Chapter 2 & 3 are more focused on spatial awareness and logic.
All the puzzles were created beautifully, with perfect logic behind them and clear concise answers. The Ah-ha moments in the puzzles were wonderful and there were a few times throughout the game that I was really impressed with the puzzle design.
All puzzles were perfectly on theme, tieing into both the story and world, always focusing on us being at “mission control”
Signposting was very subtle, but never misleading it was just a case of using a very critical eye to latch on to it.
Flow was exceptional, and the only time the game slowed was down to my own (spatial awareness) failings!
An exceptional game for the price of £12 this is an absolute steal and did not disappoint in any way!

Did we escape?
The game took me a fairly long 1hr 32 minutes, but I am blaming my shocking lack of spatial awareness for that!

Website: https://cluequest.co.uk
Price: £12 print at home, £25 printed and delivered.

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