Puzzle Post UK – The Missed Flight.

Puzzle Post – The Missed Flight


I was contacted by Puzzle Post, a new company to the escape at home scene, to try out the first product, “The Missed Flight” – I didn’t know what to expect from a brand new company but I was pleasantly surprised.

Puzzle Post is a bit different to all the other play-at-home or posted games, in that the “prize” (If you wish to call it that) can be completely customized to the recipient. This is a brilliant USP, and one that I’ve not seen offered before. This makes Puzzle Post a fantastic gift, especially for anyone who enjoys puzzles (Imagine the delight on any enthusiasts face, firstly being given an envelope full of puzzles to solve and then revealing an escape room binge!) The possibilities are endless!

USP aside, how was puzzle post…?
It was beautiful, the production values are very high and the material has a pleasing & charming aesthetic. There was something undeniably precious about this game. It felt very “made with love” and I was very impressed by the quality and amount of content packed into that sumptuous red envelope!

Gameplay was completely open, with 7 puzzles to complete of varying styles and tropes. Word, Observation, Math, Deduction, Logic and even a small physical challenge meant that the game had all bases covered and then some. With perfect logic behind each and every puzzle. Whilst the puzzles were fairly standard the theming behind them was perfectly in tune with the story of Lucy and her missed flight.
All the puzzles had wonderful ah-ha moments and were a joy to solve. The Charm that was initially felt through the first glances at the material followed through in the gameplay.
Signposting was as perfect and clear as could be, with an in-game and extremely well-themed mechanic leading you to the correct code to access the vault.
The flow was fantastic and the open nature meant that if you get stuck on one puzzle you can swiftly move away from it and reassess later on!
There is also a mechanic in-game that allows you to keep track of and check your answers, this was a lovely addition and helped clarify all the answers before entering them into the password box!
A wonderful, charming game that by all accounts didn’t take too long (I took 31 minutes) yet absolutely places itself perfectly as a predecessor to its end goal of the reveal of a surprise.

Although, even if you don’t have a surprise planned I urge you to get it anyway! The end message could be as simple as “Happy Birthday!”

Website: https://www.puzzlepost.uk/
Price £12.99

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