One Way Out – Robot’s Return

One Way Out – Robot’s Return
Location: Oakham
Game Date: 24/08/2020
Team: Amy & Ian


“Aunt Daisy was an engineer ahead of her time. Almost a hundred years ago she built an adorable little robot out of pipes, springs and boxes. He could even talk! Lest he should fall into the wrong hands, she dismantled him and sent him off to visit her friends around the globe.

She locked the blueprints for his construction in her father’s old deed box and secured the key with layers of puzzles and codes, which could never be solved until the robot returned.

At last, having been in lost luggage for almost a century, he has come home.

Can you unlock the secrets of Daisy’s kitchen, open the chest and revive the robot to find those elusive blueprints?

The clock is ticking…”

Robot’s Return looked gorgeous, set in a rustic country kitchen which could have been real for all we knew, it was incredibly realistic and immersive. With great attention to detail. It was a very charming set and one that created a lovely space to tackle the game.
The space is dominated by the imposing trunk on the table, which quickly becomes the center point of focus for the room.
The room itself is not the most massive space, and I can understand why it is capped at a maximum of 6, there is enough space to move around, however.
The lighting was excellent and we never came to any problems with it.

Game Play:
A fairly linear game, that consisted of a good variety of puzzles. Word, logic, maths, dexterity, physical, codebreaking. The variety meant there will be a point in the game for every player to shine.
The puzzles were fairly logical, ah-ha moments didn’t come naturally and there was a little bit of work to get to the conclusions of the puzzles. The puzzles were nicely on theme and the additional puzzles factored into the room were better than the puzzles already found in the portable box.
There was a heavy seraching element within this room, for the more astute and bigger teams this will come as a bonus but for smaller teams don’t fret, we managed to complete the game without finding all pieces.
Some of the puzzles required small logic leaps to get to the answers, some of which we wouldn’t have made without the number of clues that were delivered. This is reflective of the signposting in the box itself, which compared to Framed and Gas Alert, was non-exsistent! After playing 2 excellently signposted games, we felt a little at a loss at some points within the game. There was signposting, but it was subtle, and embedded more into the game itself.
Flow was good, if a little lackluster, some moments of the game were wonderful and pacey and others felt grinding and sticky.
Overall, a nice game but if you’re new to escaping I would reccomend getting a few games under your belt before tackling this one!

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via voiceover in the room, and balls delivered to a saucepan! (Very unique!)

Game Host:
Tess was our game host and she was very accomodating and welcoming. Her brief was thorough and delivered well, and the game introduction was done with a great sense of humour!
She delivered clues with absoloute precision throughout the game.

Covid19 Safety:
We felt very safe at One Way Out, the rooms were all very clean and facemasks were required at all times, by all parties.

id we escape?
Yes, in 70 minutes (80 minute room) Website: https://onewayoutescape.com

2 Players £40
3 Players £50
4 Players £60
5 Players £70
6 Players £80

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