Want to Escape – Guardian of the Gallery

Want to Escape – Guardian of the Gallery
Location: Rushden
Game Date: 24/08/2020
Team: Amy & Ian


“Can you help? There have been multiple strange occurrences at the gallery recently, leading up to the missing artefacts. But not all is as it seems. ‘The Caretaker’ has disappeared too, with strange messages left in his stead. It’s almost as though he’s done this on purpose – but we know very little more.

We can supply the message from the caretaker, but have nothing else to go on.

Could you and your crack team come and help, and SOON!?”

GOTG started off in a small, clean, minimalist gallery, which soon gave way to the more interesting parts of the game, these were decorated immaculately and immersively. I am not going to explicitly detail what they are, as there are severl moments within GOTG that should not be spoiled! But rest assured the spaces were beautiful, and evocatic of the spaces the represented, and finished to a high standard. Detailed and incerdibly immersive. The game also features a mechanic we haven’t seen done often at all, and it is done to incredible effect.
The story telling and character in this room is fantastic, with it really adding to the world, and embroiling us throughout the game.
The spaces aren’t gigantic, but are used to good effect and I can see no problems having the maximum players. Lighting was excellent throughout.

Game Play:
A more linear game due to its nature (and secrets) but clever use of meta-puzzles throughout meant that it played well and felt more open.
Puzzles were a mix of word, physical, logic, observation, searching, codebreaking, teamwork and sensory.
Puzzles were all perfection, it was a pleasure to play a room with such strong logic, and wonderful cohesive ah-ha moments, especially at the climax of each meta-puzzle. The feeling of all the pieces slotting into place and understanding the process that was going to give you the answer was sublime. Factor in that all the puzzled were intrinsic to the setting they were in and you have what is close to the perfect escape room. A room where the puzzles feel part of the world you’re exploring, rather than a layer ontop of a pretty set.
Flow was magnificent, with no sticky spots this is a game that just sails by calmly, never frustrates and is oh so playable.
Signposting was eloquent, again with it being part of the world, not sitting “on top” of it, but never handholing or instructional.
A game that is designed by enthusiasts, that feels like it is designed FOR enthusiasts, it ticks every box to make a great, MUST DO room.
Newer teams may want to get a full group together or a bit of experience under their belt before tackling this gem of a game.

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via a screen in the room

Game Host:
James was our game host and his passion was clear from the moment we walked through the door, He is an enthusiast himself, having played over 200 games and it was great to have a good chat with him about escape rooms! He delivered a great brief and really set the scene and got us amped for going into the room! Clues were delivered with precision timing.

Covid19 Safety:
We felt very, very safe at Want to Escape, the foyer was large enough for us to social distance and everyone in the building wore facemasks at all times. The rooms themselves were scrupulosy clean.

Did we escape?
Yes, in about 60 minutes (75 minute room)

Website: http://www.wanttoescape.co.uk
2 Players £20 per Adult, £15 per Child
3 Players £20 per Adult, £15 per Child
4 Players £20 per Adult, £15 per Child
5 Players £18 per Adult, £14 per Child
6 Players £18 per Adult, £14 per Child

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