Summing up the UK Terpeca results.


The TERPECAs, or Top Escape Room Project Enthusiast Choice Awards, for those unitiated are an annual collaberation of enthusiasts to try and find the best escape rooms in the world.

Nominations can be made by enthusiasts with over 200 rooms under their belt, and rankings can be made (once nominations have been made and counted – a room has to have 4 nominations to move on the the ranking phase) by enthusiasts with over 50 games played.

For more information and to deep dive into the world wide games in the rankings head over to https://terpeca.com/2021/

I’ve been lucky enough to contribute since 2019 (I just missed out on the first year for some reason!) Each year it’s a pleasure to watch the results and see how our favourite rooms ranked.

Unfortunately for the rooms in the UK this year we didn’t break the top 100, but to even be nominated is an acheivement and to rank AT all is amazing.

I have compiled a list of the Rooms in the UK that were ranked in the TERPECAs this year incase you wish to plan any “staycations” There are a couple I haven’t checked off so will be making arrangements to play soon!

  1. Loot The Lanes – Pier Pressure (Brighton)
  2. Daylight Robbery – Crytptology (Nottingham)
  3. Origenes – ClueQuest (London)
  4. Nethercott Manor – Tulley’s (Crawley)
  5. SpellCraft – Tulley’s (Crawley)
  6. Vikings – Extremescape (Disley)
  7. Temple Quest – Clue Cracker (Tunbridge Wells)
  8. UI55 – Compendium (Bury)
  9. The Lost Tomb – Extremescape (Disley)
  10. Pudding Lane – Time Trap (Reading)
  11. Curio – Escapologic (Nottingham)
  12. Guardian of the Gallery – Want To Escape (Rushden)
  13. Titanic – Houdini (Southampton)
  14. Ram Raid – Escape Reading (Reading)
  15. The Legend of Miyalock – Clue HQ (Birmingham)
  16. Project Delta – AI Escape (London)
  17. Monuments – Cave Escape (Nottingham)
  18. The Citadel – Escape Nation (Stafford)
  19. The Pit – The Escapement (Margate)
  20. Extinct: Escape from Jurassic Island – Houdini (Southampton)
  21. Comms Room – Escape in the Towers (Canterbury)
  22. Proffesor Dunstan and the Search for the Ancient Statuette – CoDecode (Swindon)
  23. Diamond Dogs – Clue Cracker (Tunbridge Wells)
  24. Battle for Britain – Escape Plan (London)
  25. Howitz – Escapologic (Nottingham)
  26. Into the Reliquary – Darkmaster (Crowborough)
  27. Sub Terra – CoDecode (Swindon)
  28. Dreamscape – Cryptology (Nottingham)
  29. Loop – Panic Rooms (Gravesend)
  30. Pirates of Polaris – The Escapement (Margate)
  31. Spellbound – Make Your Escape (Derby)
  32. Secret Studio – Escape in Time (London)
  33. Revenge of the Sheep – ClueQuest (London)
  34. The Time Machine – Deadlocked (Reading)
  35. The Enchanted Forest – Break Escape (Loughborough)

A massive congratulations to all the companies who have made the rankings in there, there are some seriously good games in that list and a fair few that I still have to play, which makes me very excited! Please go and book these games if you haven’t played them already! To the game designers and creators out there, THANK YOU for making these wonderful and unforgettable experiences that we get to share with you.

Could you call this a definitive list of the best rooms in the UK…. Well, yes, and no… Whilst this list does contain a good chunk of unmissable rooms in the UK, there are some rooms that have just missed out, IMHO of getting on that list, I could easily expand that to be a top 50 list and still have a hard time putting them in some semblance of an order (honestly ranking was SO much harder than nomination!)
Hopefully as the UK enthusiast circle continues to grow we will have more enthusiasts able to nominate and we can really put our stamp on the TERPECAs.

Thank you to the TERPECA team who worked tirelessly to put this together, with some incredible maths skills to I believe… (I could never!)

Normal reviews will resume tomorrow!

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