ClueQuest Print, Cut, Play: Halloween Survival Training

ClueQuest Print, Cut, Play Halloween Edition


Take the tests and learn how to deal with a whole host of spooky surprises – including cunning vampires hiding among us, mad scientists with their creepy creations, and hungry zombies out for your brains!

ClueQuest have done it again and brought another beautiful game to the scene, just in time for halloween.

Halloween survival throws us headfirst in to the world of ClueQuest but with a spooky twist! Attractivly produced with ClueHQ’s signature style, Halloween Survival is availble in two ways, either printed and posted or print at home.

The game works alongside a website, which provides input for the answers, multimedia and story delivery. The game’s story is charming, funny and will put you right in the spooky mood, without being too scary, this is the perfect halloween night game for families (you could even dress up as a monster from each respective chapter of the game!) The interface is easy to use, and feels like you’re connecting in to the ClueQuest world. A simple touch but one that does not go unnoticed.

There is a fair bit of cutting involved, which took about 5-10 minutes, nothing too strenuous or complicated either (again, family friendly!)

The game itself is split into 4 chapters, each with it’s own set of puzzles and themed to different halloween monsters.
The game is linear, and what is needed for each section is listed on the screen in a nice signposting move!
The puzzles all have excellent logic, and leant more towards spacial awareness, word, codebreaking/translation and observation. Ah-ha moments came thick and fast and were deligtful, causing me to say “ohhh nice” a fair few times throughout the game!
Puzzles were all kept perfectly in theme with the game and their respective sections, and the continuity through the game was excellent.
Flow was wonderful, with the game moving seamlessly through one puzzle to the next.
Signposting was good, if not subtle, there were a few moments where the player was left to connect the dots.

Overall this is another really enjoyable game from the minds of clueQuest. I played on my own and it took me about and hour (inbetween distractions…) I would highly recommend this, especially for families and anyone looking for a bit of spooky fun in the lead up to the big day… erm… Halloween!

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