Product Review – Mystery Mail

Product Review – Mystery Mail
We were very fortunate to recieve the full set of cards from Mystery Mail, but what is it, I hear you ask!

Mystery mail is a premium puzzle card delivery that incoporates escape game elements within a card, and once solved you get a personalised message from who sent you the card (That is kept a mystery until the end)
A great idea, that is perfect for revealing even bigger secrets (escape room gift vouchers, birthday surprises etc etc)

Mystery Mail comes in 3 themes, that are sure to appeal to everyone! Detective, Wizard and Christmas

Each card has it’s own identity and flavour, and it’s up to personal preference as to which you send. Witchcraft & Wizadry and Verry Merry Christmas have different versions too, coming in an Adults and Teens version (and Kids for the Wizard Exam) which means you can taylor your delivery to the age it’s going too, which is a lovely feature to have.

I played all 3 cards in about an hour, equating to about 20 minutes a piece, which felt like a fair amount of time to be spending on each card.

Production value was high in each card, and they’re accompanied by bespoke website, film and audio which enhances the experience.

Starting off with Catch Me if You Can:


The theming starts before you open the card, with each of the envelopes being themed, this certainly makes an impact once it lands through the letterbox!

Inside, there was a good amount of deduction puzzles, in an open format. The game takes you through solving a murder case and you must use all your detective skills to complete this mission! Expect codebreaking, sleuthing and plenty of observation! Puzzles were fun to complete, and had nice ah-ha moments that served to delight throughout the gameplay.

Witchcraft & Wizardry


This was the stand-out game of the 3 in my personal opinion.
A great mix of puzzles, word, seraching, observation, logic number and a little bit of maths, the mixture of different puzzles was excellent and logical throughout.
I have to mention the artwork in Witchcraft & Wizadry was charming and detailed.
There were some subtlties to the puzzles that were enjoyable, and the addition of a little bit of magic secured this as a firm favourite of the 3.

Finally, we have “A Very Merry Christmas”

A very festive and sweet card, with another round of interesting puzzles. Some of the puzzles in this card may be familiar if you spend a lot of time on facebook, but don’t let that put you off, the puzzles are festivly themed and still a lot of fun to solve! Another good mix of puzzles with word, logic, maths and observation (and a bit of spatial awareness) makes this card a Christmas Treat. 

All in all, Mystery Mail have done a wonderful job of creating a card that is engaging, well produced (they really are very very pretty and made to a very high standard) and a great vehicle for sending a loved one a message, or revealing a bigger surprise.

You can purchase Mystery Mail here: https://mystery-mail.co.uk for £9.99

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