Emergency Exit – The Exorcist Online

Emergency Exit – The Exorcist Online
Location: Online
Game Date: 17/11/2020
Team: Amy, Ian, Gord, Liz, Charlie & James
Duration: 60 Minutes


“The ancient legend has it that anyone who stays longer than 1 hour in this haunted house simply disappears! Follow the footsteps of a world leading demonologist to uncover the secrets of this spooky house and exorcise the demons. Do NOT outstay your welcome.”

We were kindly invited to play “Exorcist online” buy Ronnie from Emergency Exit, and having played the physical room, we teamed up with Gord & Liz from Review the Room and Charlie & James of Deadlocked fame! Super team assembled, I insisted that Ian and myself were to keep mum on the puzzles we remembered from the physical room. But were were still going to join in with the general experience and (for want of a better word)… banter.

Exorcist started out strong, with us meeting our paranormal investigator pal “John” in his car, this started the game off on such a good footing and we knew we were in for a treat.
Within the room, it looked as good as ever (and just how I remembered it!) with its wood pannelling and moody lighting, it set the tone of an abandoned house perfectly.
Story is a major part of The Exorcist and this was delivered via John, and through multi-media in the room (Very slickly done too).
Throughout the game, special tricks and tropes were used that surprised and delighted us and only added to the immersion and story.
Emergency Exit have done a fabulous job of creating a theatrical, immersive experience from the other side of a computer screen. You really FEEL as if you are joining john on an urban exploring mission where anything can happen…. and it does…. I can’t praise Emergecny Exit enough for the high production values on this online game. Simply FANTASTIC!

Game Play:
A linear game that compromised of observation and logic puzzles, but in all honesty whilst there were plenty of puzzles in “The Exorcist” they weren’t the star of the show, the entire experience was enhanced by the puzzling moments and they only served to further the story.
The puzzles were all excellent in their logic, and completley solveable, enjoyable and with ah-ha moments a plenty (As I mentioned before, we have played the physical version of The Exorcist many moons ago, and the puzzles were as good now as they were then, and translated into the online for very well)
The puzzles were well on theme, and on solving them and exploring the room there were many exciting moments that would just not be possible in a real life situation. This only added to the immersion of the game.
Signposting was exemplery, there was never any doubt on out next move or solve.
Flow was wonderful, with gameplay being interjected by short videos, this only furthered the story and added to the immersion of the experience.
There was no inventory used, with Ronnie’s expert hosting and Liam’s camera skills, it was simply not needed.
This game is as close to perfection as you will get in an online game, exciting, immersive, theatrical and well delivered story sprinkle with super puzzles. This game is a MUST play.

Clue System:
Clues were subtly given in theme with the character of John

Game Host:
Ronnie was our game host, talk about perfection! He played the role of “john” with aplomb and it was really like we were joining him and Liam (the camera man) on an urban exploring adventure. I can’t stress enough how much extra Ronnie’s character and quips added to the experience of the room, you can tell he’s enjoying every single second of hosting these online games!

Connection & Camera-work:
The connection was excellent at all times and we never had any break ups or trouble. Liam was masterful with the camera, and whilst he took our direction well, he was also excellent at subtley pointing out and highlighting interesting things in the room.

Did we escape?
Yes, within the hour but not sure on precise time!

Website: https://e-exit.co.uk
£80 per team

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