Escapologic – Heiststakes Online

Location: Nottingham
Game Type: Avatar Led Online
Game Date: 28/01/2020
Team: Amy & Ian, Liz & Gord
Duration: 60 minutes

“After a daring bank heist goes incredibly wrong, can you finish the job?

Five very different criminals were brought together to accomplish the impossible, break into the high security vault underneath Scelus Bank and steal whatever is inside. The operation did not go according to plan and the five have found themselves in police custody, on the run or even worse, dead!

Were they set up by the mysterious leader known as Xander and if so, to what end?”

Heiststakes looked great, the clinical sterile environment of the banks was complimented and opposed by a gritty get away van in a grimey back ally.
The space was immersive, even through the screen and it really felt like we were the “team on the outside” aiding our comrad to excecute the perfect heist.
There was a subtle soundtrack playing during our game which added to the immersion, created tension and excitement within the room.

Game Play:
A Fairly linear game with some moments of openess, with the telescape giving a lot of information at the top odf the game, part of the fun of Heiststakes in sorting through the info to find what is relevant at any particular time.
Escapologics games are usually focues on a very “hands on” approach, and I was concered about how this would translate into a virtual experience, but I needent have worried, Escapologic have bridged the gap immaculatly and you still feel a sense of “doing things” through a virtual way and using the telescape.
The puzzles were all perfectly logical, in theme and all had wonderul ah-ha moments.
The puzzles were a great mix of observation, teamwork and physical. Using telescape, we worked together to aid our avatar in pulling off the heist, and even from behind a computer screen we felt we were intergral to the success of this mission!
The sense of discovery through the game was wonderful, and at all moments we were surpised, delighted and intruiged.
Signposting was excellent, and used both the camera and telescape to guide us subtly through the game
Flow was wonderful, fast paced and exciting.
I’m so glad Escapologic have brought their world class escape rooms online, so that more people all over the world can experience this top class escape rooms.

Clue System:
Clues were subtly delivered via our avatar

Game Host:
Adam was our avatar and our Game host was Steve. Both were absoloutley excellent and delivered the friendly and enthusiastic hosting we expect from Escapologic.
Adam perfected the in room camera work and did exactly what we asked, and Steve ran the telescape with perfection.

Did we escape?
Yes, in about 45 minutes

Website: https://www.escapologic.com/
£60 up to 3 connections
£70 up to 4 connections
£80 up to 5 connections

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