Kingston Escape Rooms -Angie’s Flower Shop


Kingston Escape Rooms -Angie’s Flower Shop
Game Type:  Online “Click & Point” GM Hosted
Location:  Online only.
Game Date:  23/03/2021
Team:  Amy, Ian, Danny & Sarah
Duration:  60 minutes

“Seymour’s finally tracked down the family gold, but the fuzz are already on to him so he’s hidden the details of the plan in the flower shop.

You’ve got an hour to help Angie figure out Seymour’s clues, put a team together and set off to Rob the Bank before the police catch up with you!”

Angie’s Flower Shop is well designed, it is an amalgamation of several real-life rooms (not escape rooms) that Kingston have cleverly and seamlessly stitched together to create a very immersive and slick game. High-quality graphics, and some of the best-designed telescape “locks” we’ve encountered made this a delightful game to play. Add in multimedia, sound, live interaction and video and this game becomes a fully realised world, with masses of detail, and so much humour! (We loved to tone of the game, silly yet still grounded)

Game Play: 
A fairly open game with LOADS to do, you’re not going to be short-changed on puzzles in this game. Word, observation, searching, math, logic, deduction and more!
All bases are covered to make this a great team game, encouraging teamwork and discussion.
Puzzles were good, with a few that seasoned escapees will have come across before, and plenty of unique challenges. The puzzles were all well on theme and presented well, feeling like they belonged in the space that had been created.
Logic was excellent, and the ah-ha moments came thick and fast, and each of us had a “shining” moment along with puzzles that took all 4 of us to work on and solve.
Signposting was good, there wasn’t masses of it, but there was just enough for us to connect the dots, and get to our answers.
Flow was excellent, with natural peaks and valleys, flurries of activity and moments of calm whilst we reflected on the puzzles, with no frustration whatsoever.
A very well designed game, that would suit a smaller enthusiast team and would also make a great family game.

Clue System: 
Clues were delivered in-game

Game Host: 
Frank was our host and he delivered a great pre-game chat, getting us motivated and excited to play the game.
He was friendly and delivered us clues at appropriate times.
Connection and Video: 
Both good, excellent quality and we never had any problems.

Did we escape? 
Yes, in about 50 minutes

Website:  https://www.kingstonescaperooms.co.uk/angies-flower-shop/
£35 per team, upto 10 player/devices (Kingston reccomend 2-4 players)0

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