Deadlocked – Tunnelling Through Time

Deadlocked – Tunnelling Through Time
Game Type:  Online Point & Click
Location:  Online
Game Date:  08/04/2021
Team:  Amy & Ian
Duration:  90-120 minutes


Hello, Traveller!

You’re about to embark upon an epic adventure, to join Joey Beamish and help her find clues and solve puzzles as she accidentally finds herself Tunnelling Through Time!

Check out our new Virtual Escape Room – possibly the most cinematic Digital Escape Game ever!

It’s based around the true stories of the Thames Tunnel at the Brunel Museum, with a bit of time travel thrown in for good measure.”

Deadlocked have teamed up with the Brunel Museum (Which I never knew existed, but now I have to go there!) to present Tunnelling Through Time (in which 100% of sales goes to the Museum!)

This edutaining game takes us through time on an adventure, learning about the time, Brunel himself and the tunnel in a multi-media frenzy that is cinematic, immersive and with a big dollop of fun! The production quality, as we have come to expect from Deadlocked is high and the detail is immense (With wonderful callbacks and easter eggs to their other works!)
The calibre of acting is wonderful, with both Charlie and James taking on key roles, drawing us into the story and making us feel like we were with them for every move. A supporting cast does well at drawing us into the narrative and engaging us in the puzzles.

The game itself is very well produced, with Deadlock’s trademark machines and high-quality graphics, sound and a smooth, slick interface that makes playing the game a dream.

The inclusion of a real setting, with excellent quality film clips makes this an immersive, informative treat that is wholly family-friendly and incredibly charming.

Game Play: 
A linear game that delivers in spades on the puzzle front. Deadlocked are experts at blending narrative and story and all the elements fit together perfectly here. The puzzles drive the story home and give a purpose to them being included. They are integral, not “stuck on” like in other games. 
Puzzles ranged in type from observation, sleuthing, searching, physical, skill, sound, teamwork, word and logic. A really good mix that will keep everyone on their toes and engaged in the game.
Each and every puzzle was crystal clear in its logic, and even when there were moments of us scratching our heads, eventually the penny dropped and the logic was staring us in the face!
Ah-ha moments were wonderful, coming at every twist and turn and continually making us surprised and delighted. 
If you have played any of Deadlocked’s other online games, you will know how much they love their machines, these give a great sense of physicality to their online games, and this was no exception, with a standout puzzle that was an utter joy to solve, work through and find the logic in.
Signposting was just enough, and designed in a way that it was woven into the story, which is so clever as you absorb the knowledge and then always feel very smart when recalling it later!
This is a mark of a good game, and all it rings true of Deadlock’s games in particular and this is no exception. The information given within their puzzles is just enough to let you make those connections yourself, and in doing so the design of the game leaves you feeling so smart and satisfied.
The flow was excellent, with the game ramping up to the peak, and also coinciding with the most difficult (in my opinion, difficulty is subjective) puzzle and then slowly easing us back down to the ending of the story and satisfying conclusion.
All in all, another hit from Deadlocked. A game that is pure edutainement, with a jovial and light feel that will keep the whole family entertained.

Clue System: 
Clues were available via a hint button (and are dynamic, the game knows where you’re up to in a puzzle and adjusts accordingly!)

Did we escape? 
Yes, in about an hour!

Website:  https://deadlockedrooms.com/digital/tunnelling-through-time/
£15 per game with 100% going to The Brunel Museum Charity

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