Lakes Escapes – Diamond Mine

Lakes Escapes – Diamond Mine
Location: Workington
Game Date: 30/06/2021
Team: Amy & Ian
Duration: 60 Minutes


“We have a multitude of mini games awaiting you. Will you take on the mental challenge or are you more a skills sort of person? Whatever it is, we have the game for you.

Take on individual challenges to earn Clue Orbs as you play through the different themed game areas before entering the Diamond Mine where your team has 20 minutes to find as many precious jewels as you can before finally locating the Mega Diamond.

Will your team be successful in finding all 21 diamonds?”

Wow! Diamond Mind is such a unique game, in fact I’m sure there is nothing quite like it in the realm of escape rooms in the UK!
The game is really a game of 2 halves, with the 40 minute “mini challenges” section having a very familiar feeling for those who are fans of a bald man and some sparkly stones…
The mini-challenges all were finished so well, with great attention to detail in each game, with a variety of themes and styles. The uniqueness doesn’t end with the theming and style, your game host is with you at all times through this section and this really makes it a very interactive fun and fast paced challenge!
The Diamond Mine section is wonderful, with a fully immersive set that starts from the moment you take the elevator down to the mine, a brilliant transition from the chaos and fun of the mini games in to an equally fast paced escape room. The mine looked amazing, with everything fitting the part and feeling incredibly authentic and immersive. Whilst it isn’t the most huge space, it’s still big enough for the whole team, and packs so much story and visual delights in you’ll feel like you’re in a much bigger space.
Lighting was excellent in both the mini games and the escape room sections, atmospheric and ambient without being restrictive to game play.
Another absolute smash from Lakes Escapes. Their clear passion for their games, and attention to detail, immersive theming and beautiful sets really sets them apart as one of the UKs best companies.

Game Play:


A VAST array of mini challenges await in this section and all bases were covered, physical, skill, mental, dexterity, observation, logic, teamwork. You pick your challenge at random, and this keeps you bouncing between each section, sometimes revisiting the same space twice to play a different challenge. The main take away from the minis is that they are ACHEIVABLE. Having played similar games (The Crystal Maze and Crack It) these leant more towards the much more challenging side, and at some points it became a bit frustrating loosing over and over. Diamond Mine doesn’t suffer the same fate, the puzzles and challenges are all so incredibly logical and achievable in the allotted times for each game.
Most of all, it was a lot of FUN. Fast paced, sometimes silly, but always SO. MUCH. FUN. We didn’t stop laughing the entire time, I won’t go into too much detail of specific game types for fear of spoilers, but safe to say there will be a challenge to suit everyone.

The Diamond Mine:

Considering the diamond mine is a TWENTY minute escape room, by god it packs a puch, an open game, which compromises of logic, searching, observation, physical, tactile, codebreaking, word puzzles and so much more.
Each and every puzzle was an absolute JOY to solve, and a particular highlight was an exemplary take on the old “Key chase” done in such an interactive and unique way. A rare gem, being that key chases can get a bit mundane, this didn’t for certain!
Logic in the puzzles was perfect, and ah-ha moments came thick and fast from every puzzle we encountered.
The design of this game is so open that you can easily bounce between puzzles, so you’ll never get fatigued on any one puzzles.
The puzzles were all perfectly in theme, and it’s clear that even in this 20 minute game, Lake Escapes have put in the same amount of care and attention as they do in their full, 60 minute games.
Signposting was excellent, just enough to guide but enough to leave us to find the ah-ha moments ourselves.
Flow was fast paced, frantic and very slick!

Clue System:
Clues within the mini-game section were delivered in person by our game host, within the mine they were delivered via a screen (you have to earn your clues in the mine by completing the mini challenges!)

Game Host:
John and Carol were our game hosts, and they were just wonderful, so chatty, personable and ran the game with absolute perfection. You can’t get better hosts.

Covid19 Safety:
Lakes Escapes takes covid safety very seriously, masks were worn at all times, and there was copious hand santizer stations around and in the rooms themselves. They also have a fogger machine that cleans the rooms, and extra time is taken to clean spaces between each group.

Did we escape?
Yes, with all the diamonds and about a minute left!

Website: https://www.lakesescapes.co.uk
2-3 Players £60
4 Players £72
5 Players £80
6 Players £90
7 Players £105
8 Players £120

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