Adrenaline – The Vault

Location: Wigan
Game Date: 22/08/2021
Team: Amy & Ian
Duration: 60 Minutes


“The Vault is a code name for a top secret, high security location under the jurisdiction of NASTA.

The exact location of The Vault is known only to a few trusted individuals. There are those, however, whose sole mission it is to locate, infiltrate and exploit its secrets – the extraordinary scientific and technological advances made by NASTA in recent years, which have led to the discovery of a unique isotope transforming time travel from a theory, into a reality!

Within the last hour, intelligence sources have flagged an imminent threat and fear that the location of The Vault has been compromised. Safeguarding the absolute integrity of The Vault and its secrets is now your top priority as NASTA Agents!”

The Vault started off in what is seemingly the most random of spaces… I won’t say much for fear of spoilers, but this was a theme I am fairly sure hasn’t been done before, and 100% not what you’d expect, very undercover… very unique!!
The room was finished well, with the space being decorated to a high standard, and without lots of stuff to detracted the eye, everything in the room was thoroughly used in game Play!
The room was large, with a light and airy feel. More than big enough for the max team size. Lighting was bright, no problems there.
Again, like Nebula, The Vault is linked into the Nasta story and fits in well with the whole team of games at Adrenaline.

Game Play:
A fully open game, with a huge assortment of puzzles, word, math, searching, pattern matching, observation, skill, logic being just a few.
The puzzles were all wholly on theme and intrinsic to the room, pivoting round a central point which helped steer and focus the game.
The puzzles were all perfection, with clever mechanics and absoloute clarity in the design, there was no ambuiguity in the Vault whatsoever.
There was a lot of joy in solving the puzzles and whilst some were batted out of the park quickly, there are other puzzles that take more of a process and will make you sit back, think and work for those answers.
The ah-ha moments were abundant, enjoyable and achievable.
The flow of the room was excellent, with the open nature letting you solve the game at completely the teams own pace, yet still being smooth and slick.
The signposting was (literally) perfect, so clever as to never hand hold, yet guide and support throughout the game.
An excellent addition to the Adrenaline rosta, and one that will be enjoyed by enthusiasts and perfect for first timers

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via a screen

Game Host:
Emma and Sarah were our hosts (and owner of Adrenaline) and they were wonderful as usual, friendly, warm and they ran the game (given that it was new) with perfection! Brilliant hosting!

Covid19 Safety:
Masks are worn in all common areas, and hand sanitizer is freely available

Did we escape?
Yes, with 23 mins remaining!

Website: https://www.adrenalineescape.co.uk/
2 Players £38
3 Players £54
4 Players £68
5 Players £80
6 Players £90

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