Adrenaline Escape – Nebula

Location: Wigan
Game Date: 09/05/2021
Team: Amy & Ian
Duration: 60 Minutes


“You were caught, red handed…your cry of innocence ignored…it was you…case closed! Known only as The Ghost, the world was appalled by your crimes. Most of all by abusing your position of trust as police officers to become kidnappers and cold-blooded murderers, sentenced to life imprisonment!

You will be the first inmates of NEBULA – a new prison of the future, built in space by NASTA to hold the worst of the worst, far away from anyone else.

It’s time for you to board the NEBULA3436 Transportation Vessel on your 60-minute journey to begin a life sentence in space. As you prepare to board your one-way flight, you receive an anonymous message; someone can help prove your innocence…

Your only hope of freedom is to launch the escape pod and return to Earth. Succeed and you have a chance to walk free. Fail to make your escape and NEBULA will be your final frontier!”

On first looks, Nebula looks bare, but you are imprisoned on a space ship, so one wouldn’t expect the plushest of accommodations! However as the game progresses and more of the space opens up, the set develops naturally and gets more detailed.
An immersive set that is finished well, with a charm that Adrenaline have come to be known for, it certainly has their stamp on it in terms of design and creativity.
The space is large, more than big enough for the maximum team size, and well lit throughout, although with ambient lighting being used in places to created atmosphere and tension.
I really enjoyed how Nebula carries on the story from “Kidnapped” and starts to tie the whole NASTA corporation into a common theme throughout the rooms at Adrenaline.
The storytelling throughout the room is good, and is poised to deliver a fully rounded journey through your time in the room.

Game Play:
A multi-linier (for all intents and purposes, open) Game that had a vast mixture of puzzles. Math, codebreaking, searching, observation, physical, skill, logic, word, pattern matching, decoding… Nebula really has it all in spades, this puzzles just keep on coming
This excellent puzzle design is backed up by the fact that the puzzles are all well in theme and really come from the room, and don’t feel rushed or tacked on.
The puzzles are all genuinely interesting and there are some unique puzzles mixed in with some more standard, but very well presented puzzles.
Ah-ha moments came thick and fast within the room, and there was no ambiguity within the puzzles at all. Clear concise puzzle writing led to puzzles that were a joy to conquer and to solve.
The vast amount of puzzles will keep the hardened enthusiast busy & entertained, and although taxing this game is still playable buy relative newbies (I would recommend first timers taking on one of Adrenaline’s other fine games before tackling Nebula)

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via a disembodied voice on our side!

Game Host:
Danny was our game host (and also the owner of Adrenaline) and he was amazing as normal. Funny, friendly and he ran our game with precision timing! Helping us out where we needed it!

Covid19 Safety:
Masks are worn in all common areas, and at the time within the game itself, and hand sanitizer is freely available

Did we escape?
Yes, with about 5 mins remaining!

Website: https://www.adrenalineescape.co.uk/
2 Players £38
3 Players £54
4 Players £68
5 Players £80
6 Players £90

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