Hounds Escape – Southern Discomfort

Hounds Escape – Southern Discomfort
Location:  Crawley
Game Date:  07/10/2021
Team: Amy, Ian, Gord & Liz
Duration: 60 Minutes


We were in Crawley for our big 500th game at Tulley’s and Hounds had been recommended very, very often through the enthusiasts group, so we teamed up with Gord & Liz from Review The Room
to reassemble the dream team and take on Southern Discomfort before the big 500! (And the big 300 for Gord & Liz!)

“A conflict between two rival redneck clans dominates the Southern states. Dwayne’s redneck crew is known for 2 things: bikes and booze. They say that Dwayne’s moonshine is the best in the South.  Your gang however… ain’t got that much going for it to be honest. If only there was a way of getting your hands on some of that fabled hooch for yourself. You thinking what I’m thinking? It’s time for a good old fashioned break in! Lets just hope it doesn’t turn into a break out…”

Southern Discomfort looked great, from the moment you are greeted by your host the immersion starts, as your host greets you, and briefs you fully in character and this character is held up through the entire game, even to the post game debrief (and hilarious he was too!) Even the briefing area outside the room is themed to perfection.

The room itself is decorated incredibly well, with acute attention to detail and fully immersive, including a great soundscape. We were fully, wholly and irrefutably ensconced in the world of Southern Discomfort, and with each new space came new discoveries, realistic set pieces and surprises at every moment. A wonderful place to spend an hour in with so much to look at and investigate, but nothing placed to distract of create red herrings. Hounds have clearly put so much thought, care and love into creating these games and it really comes across in the quality of the game.

Game Play:
A fairly open game that had a vast array of puzzles, consisting of word, observation, codebreaking, math/counting, physical, teamwork, logic, sound… all bases were covered.
From the unique start of the game (I won’t spoil, but it was unique in the fact that it worked so very, very well) we knew this was going to be an incredible game.
The logic behind the puzzles was exemplary, with clear concise answers and excellent ah-ha moments that came thick and fast during the game. The game fostered and encouraged teamwork from the get go and this continued throughout with each of us having our own “stand out” solve during the game.
All the puzzles were so intrinsic and in theme with the game, it was hard to not smile throughout this game, the way the puzzles came from the room was just perfection.
Signposting was clear as a bell, but not overbearing or directional. The absolute best kind that just felt like part of the scenery until you took a closer look or needed to use it.
Flow was wonderful, pacey yet smooth. An incredibly well designed game.
This is a game that is going to please everyone who plays it, not only are the puzzles excellent, but the room is just so. much. fun.

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via voice over

Game Host:
Our host was amazing and stayed 100% in character from beginning to end, and was clearly paying diligent attention during our game. Top class hosting.

Did we escape?
Yes, in 29 minutes!

Website: https://www.houndsescape.co.uk/
2 Players £59
3 Players £81
4 Players £98
5 Players £115
6 Players £129

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