Headlock Games – The Keeper and the Fungus Among Us

Game Type:  Online Avatar
Location:  Anywhere, Online.
Team:  Amy, Ian, Gord & Liz
Duration:  90 Minutes.


“The Keeper has awakened.  This only happens every 1,000 years when the evil Paxillus is released from his mushroom prison.  Your team, The Guardians, must help our hero defeat this dreaded Mushroom King and save the people of this land”

TKATFAU Is like NOTHING you’ve ever seen before, set in a fantastical minature world, this game pulls all the best bits from musical theater, escape games, DnD, choose your own adventure, and role-playing games and smooshes them all together to create a unique, engaging, captivating and immersive world.
The production values, whilst lovingly handmade and filled with passion are incredibly high. The set design is immaculate, adorable and whimsical. The sound track is fantastic, so catchy and really laugh out loud (The music certainly had a feel of Rocky Horror, or Little Shop of Horrors about it)
The cast of characters were fun, and all developed the story well, through either live interaction or pre recorded videos.
TKATFAU is, in all honesty a work of genius. It hits on all point, it’s entertainment, hilariously funny and a really great time.

Game Play:
TKATFAU is not like a normal escape room, it’s more guided (ala Zelda inspired quests, with an adorable inventory, combined with puzzles) with the choose your own adventure style gameplay being present throughout. That being said there were plenty of puzzles, logic, math, observation with more of a leaning to the logic side of things, but there was also plenty of “physical” puzzles too, as much as they can be via a screen, as the Keeper interacted fully with the room, set and characters on our behalf.
The puzzles were perfectly on theme, totally logical and all served to further the story (TKATFAU is very, very story driven)
Logic was excellent, with wonderful ah-ha moments and plenty of fun in solving the puzzles. We all had our moments to shine through the game. But beware, the puzzles are not for the faint hearted!
Signposting was excellent, as the game was a structured experience the signposting served to carry us (but not spoon-feed us) through the game.
The flow was wonderful, as much as a musical extravaganza as it was an RPG and an escape room. The flow from puzzle to scene, to puzzle was perfect, smooth and worked without a hitch.
A Fantastic experience, which is as fun as it is taxing, the sense of discovery is unbeliveable and we spent the entire hour grinning from ear to ear. 

Game Host:
Joel was our host and he was wonderful, professional and friendly and played the role of The Keeper brilliantly, subtle guiding us and keeping us engaged and entertained at all times! Perfect online hosting.

Connection and Video:
No problems with connection and video, and the pre-recorded scenes merged seamlessly with the 

Did we escape?
Yes! Although I’m not sure of our time

Website:  https://headlockescaperooms.co.uk/
£75 per team (up to 6 connections)  

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