Product Review – The Distraction Agents.

The Distraction Agents.
Location: Play at Home  
Game Date: 02/12/2021
Team: Amy
Duration: 2-3.5 hours
Website: https://thirdangel.co.uk/shows-projects/the-distraction-agents
Price £15 Per challenge pack.

“The Department of Distractions, a clandestine organisation that claims its job is to plant stories in the world “to make life more interesting”, is on the search for new recruits… and they think YOU might be just what they need.”

The Distraction Agents is a wonderful cross between an ARG and an Escape Games, the story is immersive, and really captured my attention.
If you’re a fan of Derren Bown, you may love this game. Whilst playing, I felt sucked into the organisation and the whole air of mystery intrigue and playfulness really gave this game a realistic spin, albeit with undertones of a conspiritorial nature (I was constantly asking myself questions throughout the game, this level of realism stood its test, with there being aspects of the game that could quite literally get you talking!) 

The hardest thing about writing this review is the want to talk about the Distraction Agents in full, but also not being able to (Think “fight club”!) – if you want to know the ins and outs of the Agents, you will have to see for yourself! 

The package I recieved was inconspicuous, and the products inside were produced to a high standard, and all in-keeping with the narrative of the Agents. 

Puzzles within were pretty standard fair, but very nicely dressed up to keep perfectly in theme with the narrative, and supplemented by 13 videos, which were produced to a high standard, with some great characters leading you through the game, and engaging you into the story and the world of The Distraction Agents. 

Logic in the puzzles was fair, there were some really good meaty puzzles to get your teeth into, and some lighthearted moments. The interwoven nature between the puzzles, video and story was beautiful. 
Puzzles were a good mix of observation, logic, maths and deduction. Ah-ha moments were nice, and whilst the game didn’t have the quickest flow (due to the videos interspersing the puzzles mainly) the flow was smooth and fuss free. 

A really unique games, that uses its ARG moments really nicely, weaves a very intriguing story and encorages you to look at the world a little differently. Enjoyable, never truly frustrating and if you’re a bit into conspiracy theories, or have that type of mindset….  curious, This is a game that will appeal to you. It has a bit of a dystopian vibe to it, which for me was a definite win! 

The price point of £15 is incredibly fair, and very good value for money! The production quality is high, and the souvenier pin seals the deal! A great stocking stuffer (at the right time of year!) 

All in all, The Detective Agents is, as they pen it, a clandestine experience, we know it’s a game… we know they’re just actors… but can we really be sure of that? 

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