The Escapologist – D3LIR1UM

Location: Castleford
Game Date:  23/06/2022
Team: Amy & Ian
Duration: 60 Minutes


“Some Secrets are Best left Buried… 1931 and the institute may of closed its doors for good but it’s sinister acts live on! Can you still hear the screams? The price of freedom may be more that you expected…”

The room, whilst not huge looked pretty cool! Dark, atmospheric and decorated well. Whilst darkness was not used as a tool to increase difficulty. The decor and theming were good, creating a fairly creepy feel to the game without being scary or oppressive.

Game Play:
A fairly linear game, with a good assortment of puzzles, there some good moments of excellent logic and nice ah-ha moments.
Puzzles were mainly in theme, and flow was decent. Signposting was fairly lacking and there were a couple of red-herrings and extraneous information that I could imagine new players getting stuck on and spending time on. Overall though, it was a very enjoyable and playable game!

Clue System:
Clues were given via walkie talkie

Game Host:
Our games hosts were attentive and professional yet friendly. Briefing was done through an iPad.

Did we escape?

Website: https://the-escapologist.com/
2 Players £50.50
3 Players £64.50
4 Players £77.50
5 Players £86.50
6 Players £91.50

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