Where have I been?!

Well, hello!

You may have noticed that since last year, posts on Brit of an Escape Habit have been Sporadic at best, I have really been neglecting my blog, and I’m posting today to clear the air on what’s happened in the last YEAR or so! (Jeepers, it’s been a while at least)

So, in May/June last year, I started working at an escape room company. This was fantastic at first, as the job obviously, is perfect for me as it’s what I’ve been doing for 8 years. In fact, I’ve been hosting for longer than I’ve been blogging! But, alas, as they say, all good things must come to an end and it all started to go sour after about 6 months.
I quickly realised that the company I was working for and I had different viewpoints on the running of escape rooms so we parted ways (that is to say, I left!) I won’t say any more on the issue, as it’s a lesson learned for me, and was in all honestly quite eye-opening!

Whilst this was all happening, I was (and still am) struggling with some health issues, mainly arthritis in my spine, which as you can imagine can become quite tiresome.
I am still in quite a lot of pain most days but I’m getting by with the help of some prescription drugs.
I have an appointment at the end of May with the Rheumatology department at my local hospital to look into things a bit more and to investigate the possibility of me having Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (A condition affecting the connective tissues in the body) So that’s looking hopefull that I can get the correct care to manage things a bit better.
I’ve also had covid TWICE in the last year, which always takes a massive toll and takes a few weeks to get over.

All this combined really sapped my energy for playing games (We’ve played a smattering in the last year or so) and more so, writing about them. This is why the blog has been sporadic and neglected. I’m sorry it’s happened, but I had to take time to heal myself, not so much physically (that’s a work in progress) but mentally. I’m feeling much better.

So, back to business, I have a STACK of reviews waiting to be written and published so watch this space! They might not necessarily be in the date order I normally do as I’m gonna pick a few of my favourites to get the ball rolling.

I’ve still been busy playing my sax and singing, and have a few productions in the pipeline which is exciting!

It’s all good, and I’ve a lot to look forward to!

Amy xoxo

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