Trapped In – Time Machine

Location: Bury
Trapped In – Time Machine.
Location: Bury
Game Date 15/05/2016.
Team: Amy & Ian


“Mad professor Elias Ivarsson from Sweden has been creating the world’s first inter dimensional time machine, capable of travelling to any place or time in a matter of seconds, and now he thinks he’s had a breakthrough and created a working prototype. You and your team are responding to a newspaper advert recruiting guinea pigs to test his creation. The risks are clear, but Elias assures you that everything is safe as long as you’re not away for more than 60 minutes as power reserves are limited. Climb aboard his marvellous creation and prepare to become a part of history as you are the first humans to travel in space and time. Choose your time and place and go explore, but make sure you’re back before the power is exhausted”

Theming again was spot on, with the Time Machine being  a metallic room pull of buttons and tubing! The introduction/briefing video was spot on and very funny! We chose to travel to the prehistoric era, but like all good plans… it went wrong! Landing us in… well you’ll just have to play to room to see what happens!

Game Play:
A good variety of puzzles, more logical than the carnival, with lots of hunting too (which I like as it’s an area I’m trying to improve on!) One puzzle has us scratching our heads but once we figured it out (with a little help) it was so ingenious!

Clue System:
Clues were delivered through a screen, with a limit of 3 hint requests, but you may be delivered more at the Game Host’s discretion! The briefing & backstory were also through the screen which was very neat!

Game Host:
Our Game Host was brilliant, and incredibly helpful! Guiding us well through sticking points without us having to actually request a clue at all!

Did we escape?
Yes! With 16 mins to spare, our personal best!
Website: http://trappedin.co.uk/
Price: £40 based on 2 players – although we took advantage of a 40% off offer, so link into Facebook with Trapped In as they seem to offer good discounts! We WILL be back for Air Traffic Control very soon!


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