Code-X at Leeds Dock

Code-X at Leeds Dock. Game Date 10/07/2016. Team: Amy, Jackie, & Team Outta Time (I didn’t get all their names!)


Now for something a little different! I was very lucky to be invited to play-test Code-X at Leeds Dock, which is a “pop up” Escape room, running from the 15/07/16 for a very limited time! I joined forces with Jackie from Exit Games Scotland (https://exitgamesscotland.wordpress.com/) and the guys from @Team_outta_time
The less you know about Code-X before you go in the better, so I won’t be giving away any spoilers at all! However, It’s all very, very immersive from the moment you enter the building!

“An urban mystery is unfolding on the Southbank at Leeds Dock. During recent renovations of Block E at Leeds Dock the builders broke through the floor and discovered something hidden in the dark beneath.

You are part of a specialist team recruited to find out what happened and uncover the truth of what they found buried beneath an office block. Can you decipher the clues, solve the puzzles and discover the secret in time?”

Theming at Code-X was continuous throughout, nothing out of place. Everything placed in the room was there for a reason, and was believable for the story (which you’ll just have to find out for yourselves!)

Game Play:
Lots of really fun & varied puzzles, with a logical game flow, and no ambiguity to where to input codes!

Clue System:
The fantastic team of 6 we had today escaped with NO clues! I believe clues will be delivered in theme with the game though, if needed!

Game Host:
Liz, Catherine & Toby were our game hosts today, they worked tirelessly between them to give us a great experience, as is to be expected there were a couple of kinks to be worked out in our game, but these will not be a factor once Code-X opens and if I’m perfectly honest, didn’t effect our game play at all!

Did we escape?
Yes, with a fantastic time of 39 minutes! BUT we were a team of very experienced Escapees!

Website: http://www.leedsdock.com/event/code-x/
Price: 4-7 people £22 per person
8 people £18.75 per person

It may be worth noting the Code-X runs on the “American” model of play, where if there are space available within the game (upto a maximum of 8) players will join with other people.

Thank you to Liz for making this play-test possible today, and wish her all the best with the pop-up time she has at Leeds dock!

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