A non review blog post -WHAT?!

Just some musings and ramblings for a Monday morning.

I have a full calendar coming up, Breakout Liverpool on Wednesday for their hardest room “Wanted – Indians” (although it didn’t give me a choice on the website, but if it’s Cowboys, that’s fine because that is the 1 room that still has us defeated!)
Then on the 20/07 we’re back over to Escape Quest in Macclesfield to play their original game, “Mr Copplestone’s Curisotiy Shoppe.” This is going to be my Parent’s first ever escape room! They’re gonna love it!
On the 31/7 a team of 6 of us are going over to Extreme Escape in Disley (I nearly type Disney every time) to play “Pirate Ship”. I’ve heard glowing reviews of Exteme Escape from a few people, so I’m really looking forward to that!
Then, in August we’ve got “The Lost Souls” booked at Lockdown Escape in Warrington, a fairly new Escape Room I believe, but they sound very nice on the phone!

This is all inbetween trips to the theatre, camping, Chester Zoo & probably a couple trips to Alton Towers.

September will be a busy month too, with a trip to London planned for the first week, to check out Derren Brown’s Ghost Train at Thorpe Park, and a day in London itself, and Lady Chastity’s reserve in the evening! VERY exciting!
Then we’re off to Florida the week after, I’m sure I’ll be booking a few Escape Rooms whilst I’m over there!

Of course… I’ve got to fit work in around all this.. It’s never stopped me before!

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