Lockin Real Escape – Mission 60

Lockin Real Escape – Mission 60.
Game Date 31/07/2016.
Team: Amy, Ian, Michael, Ste & Lyndsey



After being  pirates for 74 minutes, our team was so high on adrenaline I made an offhand comment about wanting to do another one, which turned into Graham recommending Lockin and checking for us to see if there were any spaces, they had one for that night.

Off we went and made the drive from the gorgeous countryside of Disley, to the built up metropolis of Manchester’s China Town.

Lockin Real Escape is located above a Chinese restaurant, which we parked up right outside, and trotted off down the road looking for the sign… That’s not the best start is it really! Up about 3 flights of stairs, and we were given a warm welcome by the staff there.

“After weeks of intensive investigation, the security forces remain unable to locate the whereabouts of the President’s son, who has been secretly abducted a month ago. This is regarded as being highly confidential by the government and the intelligence agency has supressed the flow of information to general public.
As time passed with no word from the kidnappers, the President is becoming increasingly nervous and is losing patience. The President has instructed you and the Hostage Rescue Team to take on this rescue mission and to reveal the plot behind it.Time is getting tight.
After 60 hours of careful investigation and analysis, you successfully identified the location of the hostage, in Flat 60. You are the President’s only hope. With 60 minutes in hand, you are now ready to storm into the flat…”

This room is DARK. The setting is dilapetated, and very bare…. BUT this is perfect for the backstory and feel of the room. Grafitti adornes the walls and there is a sombre suprise hidden for your…. pleasure discovery

Game Play:
Mission 60 is very light on locks, VERY light! But there are some nice, unique puzzles that are very in keeping with the theme and one that requierd a leap of logic. Nothing in the room was baffling hard, and we sailed through the game.

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via a walkie talkie, so the only screen in the room was the LCD screen showing the remaining time. Clues were asked for, and the game host reccomended we use 2 hints only, which I think we stuck to!

Game Host:
Nickie was our game host, and he was exceptional, so very friendly (as was the guy who welcomed us, I think he the manager) Nickie gave us clear clues when we asked, and ran our game well.

Did we escape?
Yes, in a fantastic time of 34 minutes, however…. a key was left in a lock at the start of the game, this did not, in no way hamper our experience in at all, in fact, a couple of us didn’t notice! (I for one though someone had found it early in the game!) We still really enjoyed the room. The way it was dealt with after was superb too, with the manager explaining where the key should have been, apologising and giving us a discount to book another room, AMAZING customer service. Really, really, really amazing.We did the next room there and then… talk about being addicted, so after a 20 min break we went on to tackle Treasure Hunter, Lockin’s hardest room.

Website: http://www.lockinescape.co.uk
Price:    3  players – £61
4 players – £76
5 players – £85
6 players – £90

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