Lockin Real Escape – Treasure Hunter

Lockin Real Escape – Treasure Hunter.
Game Date 31/07/2016.
Team: Amy, Ian, Michael, Ste & Lyndsey

treasure hunter.jpg

Following swiftly on from Mission 60, we were in to play Treasure Hunter, rated at 5 stars difficulty, this is Lockin’s hardest room… and boy did it deliver on that promise!

“Here at our world renowned Lockin Museum, we take pride in since showcase our collection of valuable and scarce treasures, guaranteed to make your challenge an unforgettable and breathtaking day in your life.
Le Espoir is the world’s most valuable piece of jeweling. This magnificent diamond necklace, unknown to others, is said to have mysterious power that could change the fate of the world.
Reliable sources have disclosed that a number of top criminal enterprises have plotted to steal this jewel. Concerned for the future of the country, the State has teamed you up with group of treasure hunting talents to steal this extraordinary necklace before it’s too late.
Your mission is to break into the chamber where Le Espoir is and to decode the series of high security systems guarding the jewel to find the greatest treasure in history.
The security cameras are now temporarily disabled. Would you and your team be able to accomplish your mission within 60 minutes?

The themeing was very good in here, with glass display cabinets holding works of art, and paintings adorning the walls, it really felt like we were in a small, botique art gallery! We could see the end goal of “Le Espoir” all throughout the game which was tantalising to say the least!

Game Play:
The first question we were asked is “Who’s the most flexible” – this was met with raucous laughter… and then Michael took on the challenge. The physical aspect was brilliant and really set the tone for the room. The mixture of puzzles was good, again with one puzzle absoloutley stumping us, and on solving it… so simple and the only option we HADN’T looked at (seriously we must have burned through 20 mins at least on it, with all of us having a crack at some point) The puzzles were all in keeping with the theme though and used the room (and our brains) well!

Clue System:
Clues were delivered on walkie talkie again, and with about 15 minutes to go, Nickie gave us an offer we couldn’t refuse in the guise of a prize… if we could escape the room with 1 more clue and one more clue only! Well, this really put the pressure on us, but we did not crumble!

Game Host:
Nickie was exceptional yet again and played along with us perfectly, giving out clues and nudges when we asked. A fab game host with a clear passion for his job!

Did we escape?
Yes, in 55 minutes, a close call and a hard won room… with only a 15% success rate I feel very proud of my team and how well we worked together to crack all the codes. 🙂
We were one of the only teams to be awarded the Lockin USB stick as our winners prize! Amazing!!

Lockin were incredibly accomodating to us, especially since we rocked up last minute on a Sunday night! We will defintely be back to tackle the last of the 3 rooms!

Website: http://www.lockinescape.co.uk
Price:    3  players – £61
4 players – £76
5 players – £85
6 players – £90

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