Lockdown Escape – The Lost Souls

Lockdown Escape – The Lost Souls.. Game Date 10/08/2016. Team: Amy & Ian


Lockdown Escape are located in Warrington, in a repurposed building a bit out of the way, it’s easy to miss as the signage outside isn’t as obvious as it could be. The first puzzle was finding out where in the building they were located! 4 flights of stairs and a few corridors later we found the reception! Lockdown has a huge reception area, and at the moment only 2 rooms (With a 3rd opening soon & a lot more space!) It’s decorated in yellow and black, and is a pleasant, yet echoy waiting area.

“You are a Paranormal Investigator who has been trapped in a VORTEX of LOST SOULS.

You have 60 minutes to piece together evidence, find a trace and solve the puzzles before your soul is forever TAKEN to the other side…Will you escape?”

Themeing was NOT what I expected from the description! I expected to be in some kind of cult den, summoning spirits and what not… nope… this room took inspiration from “Poltergeist” in that we were investigating the possession of a baby, so found ourselves in his bedroom. The decoration was minimal, but all on theme and decorated really nicely! Clean, simple and nothing there for no reason.

Game Play:

Lots of locks in this room, with some good puzzles to get them open, all the puzzles were kept well to theme, and pitched at just the right ability level. One that certainly required a big leap of logic that we would NEVER had got without a hint, and caused us to waste a vast amount of time as we couldn’t make that leap!
I would suggest taking a pad and pencil in as there isn’t one in the room (there was a few times I wanted to write things down!)
There was one point in the game that got a good scream from me, whilst the room wasn’t scary, that moment made me jump!

Clue System:
3 clues are provided in game which you request, and the Game Host will come in and tell you. I’m not the biggest fan of this system, I much prefer a screen! Keeps the immersion more. There is also no timer in the room, which really bugged me, as keeping track of the time is a massive part of the game for me! I suppose we could have set our phone timers on a 60 minute countdown, but I would highly suggest a timer in the room as an investment for Lockdown Escape! We did only request 2 hints so I was really happy with that!

Game Host:
Craig was a lovely host, very chatty and welcoming, his clues were good and helped us get through 2 sticky points in the game! He was straight in when we requested the hints to so was definitely giving us his full attention!

Did we escape?
Yes, and we were the first team to do so this week, in 55 minutes with 2 hints!

Website: http://www.lockdownescapeeg.co.uk/
Price: 2 players £40
3 Players £57
4 Players £72
5 Players £85
6 Players £96


All in all a slick experience, good game and we had a great time! We will be back for Death Row and the 3rd room (and 4th…5th…etc!)

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