Escape Quest – Mr Chuckles Funhouse

Escape Quest – Mr Chuckles Funhouse (60 minute game) Unfotunately the 60 minute version doesn’t run any longer, but you can still play with Mr Chuckles in the 90 minute Bad Clown game!
Game Date 05/07/2016 Team: Amy, Michael, Gail, Carly

Mr Chuckles Funhouse - Bad Clown Banner.png

“Mr Chuckles has got one that he’s made especially for you! It’s no ordinary game, Mr Chuckles doesn’t like ordinary games, his are designed to trick, torment and terrify you.
Not only will you need to be brave, you’ll need to be lucky too, as you’re invited to play Mr Chuckles games of chance.  When you solve the final puzzle will you escape with your lives or stay longer to find more golden tickets?  Is that a gamble you’re willing to take?
For those unlucky enough to be trapped as the final seconds tick by, Mr Chuckles has one last surprise up his sleeve.  He needs to clear the fun house ready for his next players and the fastest way to do it is to flush the place out with an acid shower.”

Once again, Escape Quest hit the nail on the head with themeing, This was a dastardly maze of perfectly theme rooms, each one containing perfect props and sets that a maniac clown would use and set up!

Game Play:
A lot, a LOT of padlocks in this room, of every shape and size, and lots of fantastic, unique and brainbusting puzzles that compliment the theme perfectly! I don’t want to give anything away about any puzzles! The golden ticket element gives an added pressure to the game, and certainly makes you think about your actions and decisions!

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via a screen (my fave) and accompanied by Mr Chuckles himself occasionally coming over the speakers!

Game Host:
Mike and Elaine were once again the perfect hosts, so welcoming and their passion for their rooms just shines through! I can’t say anything more, well… I can. They are LOVELY people! May they keep opening rooms so I have a reason to go back (I will be back very soon for 13th Element and Amazon however!)

Did we escape?
Just! We had about 5 or 6 seconds to spare! PHEW

Website: http://www.escapequest.co.uk/
Price: For the 90 minute game:
3 players – £75
4 players – £100
5 players – £112.50
6 players – £135

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