Exit Strategy – Nostromo

Exit Strategy – Nostromo.
Game Date 11/08/2016.
Team: Amy, Michael, Sarah, Gail, Carly




In Nostromo, you enter an abandoned spacecraft. We suspect that the Reptilians have killed the crew, disabled the critical systems on the craft set it on a course to crash to Earth and fled. In one hour the craft will enter the Earth’s gravitational field, the point of no return. You must convince the onboard computer HAL to change course… but how?”

Nostromo really set the scene, with a stash of lockers, a command computer, some weird alien eggs and interesting technical stuff on the wall, this was not an ordinary room… there wasn’t a padlock in sight! Lord, what were we to do!! The feel of being on a spaceship was there, with a sterile atmosphere created in abundance!

Game Play:
Yes, you heard me loud and clear NO PADLOCKS. The room had some really nifty technology in it, I don’t want to spoil any surprises of the game! The game was beautifully linear and it was a dream to play, with some great puzzles that took some lateral thinking, and a lot of hands on action! (Plus one really “naughty” puzzle!)

Clue System:
Clues were delivered in part by a screen, but also through a robotic female voice in the room, which made the themeing even more believable! Great stuff!!

Game Host:
Our game host Dave was very welcoming, and gave us some great hints along the way! He was clearly passionate about this room, having built it and loved it since its inception!

Did we escape?
Yes! Cracking time of 40 minutes too 😀

Website: http://www.exitstrategygame.co.uk
Price: Upto 3 people £50
Upto 6 people £75

This is a REALLY unique room, I’ve never played anything like it before, the tech is great and the puzzles are spot on! Get down to Exit Strategy soon!

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