Escapsim Chester – Amphitheatre

Escapism Chester – Amphitheatre. Game Date 12/08/2016. Team: Amy & Ian


We visited Amphitheatre on opening day, and we were the first punters to play the Amphitheatre room! The waiting area was spacious, modern and very airy, the signage was slick and the overall first impression was very professional! Escapism could benefit from a couple of chairs to take the weight off, but I’m sure they will come in time 🙂

“The roar of the Amphitheatre rumbles through your cell as thousands mercilessly bay for blood. The Roman guards are on their way to take you into the Gladiators’ arena but you still have time to avoid this gory fate. Escape your cell and have your vengeance”

The room was so new, the paint was still slightly tacky! It’s always an adventure knowing you’re the first people in a room, exciting for us and the game hosts! The themeing was nice, well finished and slick! It was quite minimal, and not as “grungy” as I expected from an Amphitheatre, but obviously we don’t want dirty grimy escape rooms! The room also had a perfectly themed soundtrack, & screen.

Game Play:
Amphitheatre was unique as we were split into 2… yes… 1 in each cell to begin with and this lead to some brilliant puzzle solving that we had to do by only speaking to each other! Once we were in the main room, we seemed to hit road blocks! There was a lot of heavily text-based puzzles which fried my brain and caused me to get stuck a lot, I seem to be only able to see one solution in this type of puzzle! They were in no means bad puzzles, just not my forte (as we discovered in Remy at Clue Finders!) There were a few, however that really shined and I really enjoyed!

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via a screen, as many as we needed (and believe me we needed a few!)

Game Host:
Our game host Dan was very welcoming, and ran our game really well, considering this was the first day it ran very smoothly, with great timing and some great clues!

Did we escape?
No 😦 Well, I suppose the perfect streak had to end somewhere… the crux of the matter came down to finding 1 tiny item… ONE… we solved every other puzzle in the game. If you’ve read a few of these reviews before you’ll know we aren’t the best at searching! I am happy we solved all the puzzles though so we really were just beaten by the clock! Dejected, yes, but I feel we still played a great game!

Website: https://www.escapismchester.co.uk/
Off peak:
Monday – Friday 10am – 5pm
From £12 per person

Monday – Friday 5pm – 10pm
Saturday & Sunday 10am – 10pm
From £14 per person

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