What’s coming up?

Since we have 14 games approaching before we go to Florida, I thought it best to let you know what’s coming up so if there are any games you’re interested in, you can check back to read the reviews!!


Ultimate Escape – CSI
Escape Quest – 13th Element
Breakout Manchester – Vacancy
Escape Live Birmingham – Dr Wilson’s Office
Escapelogic – Contraption
Escapelogic – Cryptic
Escapelogic – Epicentre
Escapelogic – Horwitz
Escapelogic – Butcher
Trapped In – Ruby Factory
Escape Centre – Egyptian
Escape Centre – Lost Tomb


Escape Quest – Amazon Escape
Lady Chastity’s Reserve
Escapology – Budapest Express
Escape Artists – Rest Easy Motel
Escape Artists – Cat Burglar
Mind Quest – Diamond Heist

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