The Escape Rooms Preston – Taken

The Escape Rooms Preston – Taken. Game Date 29/08/2016. Team: Amy, Ian, Michael & Sarah

I’m going to say it now! VisitVault is a bad influence on me, every time we go out to play a game it turns in to a double, or even a triple binge! We were stoked from playing Vampire so rather than go home, we decided to do another game! It was a choice between Taken or Gallery Thief… and Taken won!

“The boss’s daughter has been abducted and taken for ransom by a mob, consisting of internationally wanted criminals. The authorities have gathered the information needed to pinpoint the place where she is held captive, and you have been entrusted with her safe and immediate return. Now, with time running out, you find yourself in a life and death race against the clock as the abduction begins to spiral towards a terrifying and deadly conclusion. You have 60 minutes to utilize the tools and skills within your disposal to rescue the boss’s daughter and getaway before the kidnappers return.”

I liked the theming here, newspaper sheets adorned the wall, and the room was pretty bare but it fitted, with clothing strewn around the room it looked like something had gone very, very wrong in this room! It wasn’t too dark either! Dingy yes, but we didn’t need the torches too often 🙂

Game Play:
This room had a good selection of puzzles & padlocks, some of which were quite similar to another hostage themed room we had played previously! The Escape Rooms peg this room as a 5/5 difficulty, again for us experienced players we didn’t struggle too much, apart from 1 puzzle that we burned time on before hitting the little white button of shame (i.e. calling for a hint) Plenty of padlocks again in this room, I like padlocks a lot so this isn’t a problem for me. The design of the puzzles in this room encourage team work and a couple were quite creative! I would say I enjoyed the game play in Taken more than any other “The Escape Rooms” room that I’ve played so far.

Clue System:
Clues are delivered by pressing a switch, then the Game Host comes in to the room to give you the clue. (We had one!)

Game Host:
As almost always the case with 2 games we had the same game host, and he certainly kept up the enthusiasm throughout! Massive thanks to Kelly, who re-set the room in record time for us!

Did we escape?
Yes, in 38 minutes!

Website: http://www.theescaperoom.co.uk/Preston
2 Players £44
3 Players £60
4 Players £72
5 Players £80
6 Players £90

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