Escape Quest – Mr Chuckles Funhouse BAD CLOWN

Escape Quest – Mr Chuckle’s Funhouse BAD CLOWN.
Location: Macclesfield
Game Date 04/09/2016.
Team: Amy & Ian

Mr Chuckles Funhouse - Bad Clown Banner

It was with a tinge of sadness that we made our way to Macclesfield to play our very last game at Escape Quest… for the moment at least, as I’m sure Elaine and Mike have got plenty of plans up their sleeves for the future.

Our reasons behind playing Bad Clown is that Ian has never played it (I went with work to play the non-scary version) so he was keen to give it a try!

Mr Chuckles has got one that he’s made especially for you! It’s no ordinary game, Mr Chuckles doesn’t like ordinary games, his are designed to trick, torment and terrify you.

Once you enter his horrific fun house you’ll be at his mercy and only the bravest contestants will survive.

You have 90 minutes to open the exit door and leave after collecting as many golden tickets as you can find or win.  There are also other bonus items you can exchange for tickets at the end of your game to help you secure a place on the leader board.

Not only will you need to be brave, you’ll need to be lucky too, as you’re invited to play Mr Chuckles games of chance.  When you solve the final puzzle will you escape with your lives or stay longer to find more golden tickets?  Is that a gamble you’re willing to take?

For those unlucky enough to be trapped as the final seconds tick by, Mr Chuckles has one last surprise up his sleeve.  He needs to clear the fun house ready for his next players and the fastest way to do it is to flush the place out with an acid shower.”

Well… if the description doesn’t set the scene perfectly, then the intro voice over will do! Needless to say, it did put both of us on edge and set us up for the scares throughout the game!
The decor was perfectly zany, with a labyrinth of rooms befitting the playground of a crazy clown! The room was atmospheric and dimly lit, and the scares were jumpy, but not overpowering and the interaction added SO much to the game (compared to the 60 minute version!)

Game Play:
As with all of Escape Quest’s games, clever puzzles, loads of locks (which I LOVE) and in game puns a plenty were the root of this magnificent game. A fairly linear 90 minutes, with small tasks not essential to escaping available to increase the tension.
Bad Clown also features a “golden ticket” collection element, wherein as well as escaping you must also collect as many Golden Tickets as possible, there are lots of ways to collect, through extra puzzles, gambling and other means! It really adds a lot to the game, as it’s a question of cut it fine and get more tickets, or get out early and not get that many…. and it’s all up to you!
In the 90 minute version there is a lot of interaction with Clarence the Clown who is utterly hilarious and deserves a special mention for his appearences throughout our time in the funhouse!
Overall just another fantastic game from Escape Quest!

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via a screen!

Game Host:
Elaine & Mike once again were the perfect hosts, even as experienced as we are, Elaine still gave us a full and thorough briefing and backstory to the room!

Did we escape?
Yes, we cut it very fine and escaped with a whopping 72 tickets!!

Website: http://www.escapequest.co.uk
3 Players £75
4 Players £100
5 Players £112.50
6 Players £135

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