Handmade Mysteries – Lady Chastity’s Reserve

Handmade Mysteries – Lady Chastity’s Reserve.
Game Date 06/09/2016.
Team: Amy & Ian



We were incredibly excited & nervous (for some reason) to play Lady Chastity’s reserve, as this game is consistently talked about by enthusiasts as being one of the best games there is!
We arrived at the four Thieves Pub ridiculously early, but just chilled out on their comfy sofas and waited for Gabriel!

“Your host, Gabriel, will introduce you to the lair of the deranged Lady Chastity as you pit your wits against her mysterious belongings and strange contraptions. Those who prove themselves worthy will whoop their way through an hour of surreal gaming, leaving with Chastity’s fabled bottle of aphrodisiac wine.
Succeed and wet your whistle. Fail and wet your pants.”

The story is so fully realised and detailed it would take a long time to explain it in full, but Lady C was well known for her “parties” which always featured her aphrodisiac wine… time and debauchery got the better of the vines and now only 1 bottle remains, the one we’re playing for!

Theming and immersion…. Lady C has this in spades, the room is perfectly themed to the time period, with all the props and décor being “just-so” – the lighting is dark, but torches are provided, which in the realm of the game are perfectly legit!

Game Play:
Lady C encourages exploration, and boy it does deliver! A game which seems to start off rather non-linear soon became a perfectly linear, story driven game.
Hidden surprises are around every corner take this game to the next level.
Every puzzle is well within theme, and seeing the tempting bottle of wine that gets closer with every puzzle solved is tantalising!
The puzzles are not the hardest, but are clever & witty and left us smiling after solving each one, there are puzzles that will play to lots of strengths (including a musical one with I loved!)
There’s lots of fun searching in the game too.
Lady C is about the entire experience, entering her world and hearing her story, which unfolds beautifully throughout the gameplay.

Clue System:
Gabriel is always on hand with his hints, coming into the room with perfect timing to nudge us along, and even Lady C herself plays a role in taking you in the right direction!

Game Host:
The infamous Gabriel was our game host, dramatic, cheeky (in the best way!) and with the perfect amount of innuendo he ran our game impeccably and the time twist at the end was astounding, and had me shaking LOL!

Did we escape?
Yes! With 8 minutes 8 seconds to spare!! WE GOT THE FABLED WINE!

Website: http://www.handmademysteries.com
2 Players £38
3 Players £57
4 Players £76
5 Players £95
6 Players £114

2 Players £44
3 Players £66
4 Players £88
5 Players £110
6 Players £132

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