Escapology Orlando -Budapest Express

It feels like an age since my last review! Since we’re in Florida on our holidays, reviews have been a little slower getting out than normal, but they will be coming over the next week or so when I manage to nab some time to write !

Escapology Orlando -Budapest Express. Game Date 16/09/2016. Team: Amy, Ian & Michael


We teemed up with VisitVault for these games. Escapology has a gorgeous waiting area, with big leather couches and metal clad chairs. It’s got a sort of Steampunk vibe that works very well with the waiting area (which is HUGE!) Space is not a concern in Florida!
We were greeted warmly by the hosts and checked in to sign our waiver on an iPad, very snazzy!

“Central Europe, February 25th 1931.

Onboard the famous trans-European Budapest Express, you are with Karine Peaufiner, a famous French detective from Paris. You are traveling to Budapest to meet with other detectives showcasing the latest developments in crime scene forensics.

It is nighttime and you are passing slowly through the heart of Europe during a heavy snowstorm. You are reviewing case notes in your cabin with Karine and your colleagues. Suddenly there is a knock at the door, it is the train manager. He looks worried and asks you to come quickly to the First Class dining coach.

When you arrive, you see a man slumped over a restaurant table. He was Sir Clarence Hayden and he has been murdered!

The manager informs you that in one hour the train will stop at the next station, if the killer hasn’t been apprehended, they will be free to escape into the night and get away with this horrible crime!

Your reputation as brilliant detectives precedes you, he asks you to solve the crime so the murderer can be caught and brought to justice. You’re able to narrow down 5 suspects who were seen in the dining car around the time Sir Clarence was murdered.

Moving through the cabins and gathering evidence, the killer knows you are hot on their trail and has decided you are their next target. With you out of the picture they would be free to escape when the train stops.

Solve the riddles and puzzles, gather the evidence and solve the murder before it’s too late!

Do you have what it takes to find the killer before they find you? Time is of the essence!”

They certainly write a detailed story at Escapology, and they kept up the detail in the room, which was beautifully decorated, we started in the dining carriage and moved on through other carriages in the train, which weren’t as lushly decorated but did the job. The dining carriage is where most of the gameplay takes place. Everything was fit to theme and well finished (including monitors in the windows to simulate the snowstorm outside, a very nice touch)

Game Play:
Budapest is a classic “who dunnit” game of Cluedo on a train! You move around gathering the evidence by solving  lots of small puzzles, and hunting. Non really stood out to me as amazing puzzles, but they were all fun & solvable which is an important factor! We did solve one puzzle without all the pieces as I am good at riddles! The room had a good flow, and we only ever felt really stuck on the very last puzzle which we had to call a clue for!

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via a very nicely themed screen, which we had to ask for!

Game Host:
Our Game Host Chase and Game Masters Jessica and Eli ran our games very well, we only met Chase in person, but he was welcoming and friendly, yet softly spoken!  Escapology give their briefing via a video screen before the room which is very slick and standardises the briefing for every group!

Escapology have a wonderful touch of bringing you a bottle of water, and a wristband and info card after your game! A lovely little memento to take home and proof of your success! Very fun!

Did we escape?
Yes, with 9.44 remaining!

Website: https://www.escapology.com/en/orlando-fl/
Price: $30 pp – please note, you may be paired with other players/strangers. If this isn’t your “thing” then the best way about it is to book the whole room out… which could prove very expensive!


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