Escapology – Arizona Shootout

Escapology – Arizona Shootout.
Location: Orlando
Game Date: 16/09/2016.
Team: Amy, Ian & Michael



So, riding high on the successes of Budapest & Shanghaied, we couldn’t resist another room, we chose Arizona Shootout, a western themed room (I do like a western themed room!)

“Tombstone Arizona, October 26 1881.

It’s 2:55 in the afternoon, you, Wyatt Earp, and three other marshals are sitting inside the O.K. Corral Saloon discussing the latest series of crimes that are blamed on the local cowboy outlaws. This group of outlaws are known for their violent criminal history. You and the other lawmans have had several previous confrontations with this group.

While, you, your brothers Virgil and Morgan, and your best friend Doc Holliday are devising a plan to round up the cowboy outlaws, the townspeople start screaming. Immediately, you all know something bad is about to happen.

Looking out from the window of the saloon, you see 5 outlaws riding into town on their horses and heading toward the saloon, including the notorious Billy Clanton and Frank McLaury.

When Billy and Frank draw their pistols, you know it is going to be a fight for your life. You draw and fire in defence of your own life, the lives of your brothers, and Doc Holliday. In a cloud of dust and gun smoke, chaos ensues. You shoot your gun until you run out of bullets!

The whole shoot out takes only 30 seconds – the most terrifying 30 seconds of your life! After the dust settles, 3 bodies lay in front of you. Quickly, you notice two of your people are injured but the rest are unharmed. The marshals have won the fight!

However, there is some bad news: the other 2 outlaws are no where to be found. The marshals must quickly identify who has been shot and who is on the run. You will have 60 minutes to complete this task or the 2 outlaws will surely escape to Mexico!

Find the clues, solve the puzzles, pick the locks, find the names of the guilty suspects and get out of the saloon within the hour.

Rely on your intuition, have confidence in your team and leave no stone unturned! Remember, as you always say: “Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything. In a gunfight… you need to take your time in a hurry!” Do you have what it takes to complete your mission?”

The theming here was cool, set the scene very well, with a bar and a honky-tonk piano (out of tune AGAIN) The decor was a little better than shanghaied, but it still felt like it was just decor rather than immersion!
The only problem with the Escapology rooms was that they were all very similar in layout, which lent to us knowing how far we were into the game and how many rooms we still had to play. This is a problem that would not affect newcomers or players who play 1 room at time, we only noticed it because we binged!

Game Play:
I enjoyed the puzzles a lot more in this room than Shanghaied, yes it felt like a Breakout room, but the puzzles were a lot of fun, especially the piano one… I’m a sucker for a music based puzzle though if I’m honest! There was enough to keep us all busy and thinking, but it was still fairly formulaic, and yes, there was a black-light puzzle (In the Wild, Wild, West….)

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via a very nicely themed screen, which we had to ask for!

Game Host:
Our Game Host Chase and Game Masters Jessica and Eli ran our games very well, we only met Chase in person, but he was welcoming and friendly, yet softly spoken!  Escapology give their briefing via a video screen before the room which is very slick and standardises the briefing for every group!

Escapology have a wonderful touch of bringing you a bottle of water, and a wristband and info card after your game! A lovely little memento to take home and proof of your success! Very fun!

Did we escape?
Yes in 44 minutes 41 seconds!

Website: https://www.escapology.com/en/orlando-fl/
Price: $30 pp – please note, you may be paired with other players/strangers. If this isn’t your “thing” then the best way about it is to book the whole room out… which could prove very expensive!

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