Escapology – Shanghaied

Escapology – Shanghaied.
Location: Orlando
Game Date 16/09/2016.
Team: Amy, Ian & Michael



So, onto our 2nd booked room of the day (as it’s never a 1 game day with Visit Vault) and Shanghaied was our choice. After a brief sweets & bathroom break of course!


“Hong Kong, December 26, 1848.

You have been relaxing in Hong Kong harbour celebrating Christmas and a friendly man has befriended you and started to buy you drinks. That is the last thing you remember that night.

The next day you wake aboard the huge 3-masted 800-ton Chinese ship called the Keying that has set sail on the arduous and risk filled journey to the United States and Britain around the perilous Cape Horn.

You quickly realize that you have been fooled by the King of the Crimps, Joseph “Bunko” Kelly and forcefully drafted to work with the ships company of 12 British and 30 Cantonese sailors.

Ahead lies months, if not years, of dangerous, unhealthy, unsanitary conditions with little hope of pay. After weeks on the open sea, an impending storm drives the ship to seek refuge on a small island known to the locals as Samui.

While in the ship’s mess hall, you start to hear a familiar sea song: “Way ay up she rises, way ay up she rises, way ay up she rises early in the morning.” The crew is starting to prepare the ship to set sail!

Looking around the room, you make eye contact with a few of your shipmates, everyone quickly realizes, now is your only chance to escape! The Keying will set sail again in an hour as the tide waits for no man.

Your Captain, Charles Alfred Kellett, is no fool and it will not be easy to escape for he has rigged many obstacles.

The risks are high. If caught, you face a lifetime of punishment or worse, you could be hanged! The next 60 minutes will change your life forever.

You and your shipmates, must solve the clues, answer the riddles, find the hidden map, and get off the ship. Leave no stone unturned and above all, don’t forget to watch the clock for time is of the essence! Do you have what it takes to escape the clutches of Captain Kellett?”

The theming here was nice… not WOW not awful, just nice. It did the job but wasn’t quite as immersive as Budapest Express. The Escapology rooms remind me a lot of Breakout, nice decor, but nothing too fancy… lets you know where you are but doesn’t really TAKE you there…

Game Play:
This felt like a standard Breakout room. Puzzle lock. Puzzle lock…. repeat for an hour.
It had some decent puzzles all quite formulaic and nothing that we’d not seen before, and of course an obligatory black light (on a Chinese junk ship… )

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via a very nicely themed screen, which we had to ask for!

Game Host:
Our Game Host Chase and Game Masters Jessica and Eli ran our games very well, we only met Chase in person, but he was welcoming and friendly, yet softly spoken!  Escapology give their briefing via a video screen before the room which is very slick and standardises the briefing for every group!

Escapology have a wonderful touch of bringing you a bottle of water, and a wristband and info card after your game! A lovely little memento to take home and proof of your success! Very fun!

Did we escape?
Yes in 44 minutes 41 seconds!

Website: https://www.escapology.com/en/orlando-fl/
Price: $30 pp – please note, you may be paired with other players/strangers. If this isn’t your “thing” then the best way about it is to book the whole room out… which could prove very expensive!

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