Cryptology – Agents of Danger

Cryptology – Agents of Danger.
Location: Nottingham
Game Date 01/04/2017.
Team: Amy, Ian & Jackie


“Join a live actor in a loving and slightly silly tribute to spy movies of old. This puzzle is set at the heart of Nottingham’s city centre where you’ll take your escape room into a different dimension by becoming an agent!”

Agents is not your typical escape room, the experience starts before your date with destiny when you receive your dossier in the post (or in our case via e-mail!) – this really gets you immersed in the story and excited for your upcoming mission. You meet Alex in a pub and the game is afoot! During the course of the game you’re taken to a secret lair, which in being the caves under Nottingham it couldn’t get more immersive, the space is used well and it criss-crossed through various locations all keeping the pace of a spy misson, with twists and turns and lots of fun!

Game Play:
The story is paramount in Agents, this is implemented within the puzzles. The puzzles are a lot of fun and not too difficult, but at the same time they require a calm and critical approach as they lean a little more towards the mental & logical side of the scale! There will be something for everyone to enjoy within Agents of Danger, from the puzzles to the interaction with Alex to the exploration of the caves and beyond.
I wouldn’t class this as a typical escape room, as your end goal is not to unlock a locked door and “escape”,  It contained elements of escape rooms in the puzzles but I would look at this as an immersive story with puzzling elements. Most of all it was SO much fun! Fast paced and exciting. This will appeal to so many people, families will enjoy it as much as groups of friends as the actor can tailor the experience to each group perfectly.

Clue System:
Alex delivered our clues as and when we needed them, even dropping them into normal conversation

Game Host:
Alex Danger was our host and mentor for the hour, directing us through the story and engaging us 100% throughout! Amazing job, he kept character fully throughout the experience and his interaction, acting and improv was excellent and really took the mission to the next level!

Did we escape?
Well, escaping wasn’t the end goal but we completed the mission!

Website: https://cryptologyrooms.co.uk/nottingham/agents
£99 per team of 2-6 agents

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