Logiclock – Made in Stein

Logiclock – Made in Stein.
Location: Nottingham
Game Date 01/04/2017.
Team: Amy, Ian & Jackie


“You’ll enter Professor E.’s room. Professor E. had to go very quickly and without attracting attention. He had to leave so fast he couldn’t find somebody who could continue his work. There are lots of candidates but he needs the best of the best. The Professor asked Mrs. Taylor, his assistant for help.

In order to prove your skills you have one thing to do: Escape from Professor E.’s room.”

The theming was good, a “typical office” but done to a high standard. Nothing was out of place within the office environment. Later in the game the lab side was also decorated very well, being sterile looking and having all the props one would expect in a lab.
Immersion was good, with a fair balance between puzzles and immersion.

Game Play:
After a slightly slow start (all our fault) we began to get into the game properly and once it started flowing it didn’t stop, the flow was wonderful! The puzzles were incredibly logical and leant a little more to the maths side of things, but there was such a wide variety of puzzles that covered a multitude of skills. This room will allow every member of your team to shine in different ways. Most of all, this game was fun, it encouraged team work and curiosity! A well written solid room.
Experienced players will sail through the room when all the pieces line up and fall into place, Newbies will enjoy the challenge.

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via a screen

Game Host:
Argh, I didn’t get our Game Host’s name, She was the owner of Logiclock and gave us a lovely warm welcome (at 10am on a Saturday I wasn’t very awake) briefed us with finesse and ran our game really well!

Did we escape?
Yes, in 45 minutes!

Website: http://logiclock.co.uk
3 Players £54
4 Players £68
5 Players £80

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