Locked In Games – The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe

Locked In Games – The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe.
Location: Leeds
Game Date 28/05/2017.
Team: Amy & Ian


Fairy tale snow queen in magic forrest

“Step through the wardrobe into the bleak, eternal winter of Narnia. The White Witch is determined not to let anyone get in the way of her quest for power, least of all a family of human children. She has set a deadly trap for Lucy, Peter, Edmund and Susan and without your help, they have little hope of escaping from her evil clutches. Can you work out how to free the Pevensie children from the dark dungeon in the White Witch’s icy castle? Or will they perish before taking their rightful place at the thrones of Cair Paravel?”

The theming in Narnia (as I’m going to dub it for the review) was lovely, it will be no suprise that you have to go through a wardrobe, but this is tackled in a really unique and fun way. The theming once you get to Narnia is really well done, and quite immersive!
If you’ve read the book, or seen the film you’ll appreciate all the little details and nuances in the room, it’s really full of details and throws you into the world of Narnia really well. The room is decorated beautifully, with gorgeous wooden furniture and even the infamous lamp-post is right there, such a great touch… it’s clear a LOT of love and care went into the creation of this room
The soundtrack is great too and really adds to the room and the immersion. A lovely, charming place to spend an hour

Game Play:
Narnia is packed to the brim with puzzles of every single type, word, observation, maths, logic, code-breaking, searching… you name it there was a puzzle for it.
This is great game design, that there is something for everyone to solve and in bigger groups will give everyone a chance to shine and use their skills.
The flow was wonderful, it was for the most part a linear game. Every single puzzle was so enjoyable and solvable, and on theme with each having its own ah-ha moment.
We were kept busy for the entire hour which is a mark of a good game with plenty to do, and boy was there plenty to do!
A really enjoyable game, with some interesting and different puzzles that will give enthusiasts a buzz as they’re unique (I’d take a small team for enthusiasts) and newbies will get on fine, there may be a lot to do in the room so I’d take 4-5 team members.

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via a screen in the room

Game Host:
Huma was our game host and she was fantastic, so friendly chatted to us for a while, I think if it was quieter – (it was so busy, which is fantastic!) we’d have chatted for a lot longer.
Huma ran our game perfectly, it was clear she was paying utmost attention to us, and what we were doing as hints came at the exact moment we needed them that left us not getting frustrated at all during the game.

Did we escape?
Yes, 56 minutes

Website: http://www.lockedingames.co.uk
2 Players £40
3 Players £45
4 Players £56
5 Players £65
6 Players £78

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