The Panic Room – The Panic Room (Room 150!)

The Panic Room – The Panic Room.
Location: Gravesend
Game Date 22/08/2017.
Team: Amy & Ian


“The Panic Room is the latest version of our original hit room that started it all! You are a team of investigators sent to a crazed conspiracy theorists mansion where he has been found dead. He found out something he shouldn’t have and clearly someone wanted to cover it up and hide it. In the murderers haste he couldn’t find the classified documents.

It is now your job to solve the trail of puzzles, challenges and riddles left by the conspiracy theorist. You must find the files, the exit code and escape before the 60 minutes is up. Get caught at the mansion and the murder is sure to be blamed on you.

Just remember…Don’t Panic!”

Theming was excellent, immersive and finished to a high standard, whilst not flashy or lavish, it gave the perfect impression of a conspiracy theorist’s mansion.
The setting was not at all cluttered (this is what I LOVE about The Panic Room, they put in enough to create an immersive environment, but never too much to confuse or create red herrings. The room design is incredibly well thought out)
The room is large, airy and well lit, and contains many surprises! A wonderfully done room, that creates another immersive world to spend an hour in!

Game Play:
This room is all about the game play, with it being the original Panic Room, the game has been tweaked and perfected to its current state, and WHAT a game. Superb puzzles that consisted of multi-part meta puzzles, logic, word, searching, audio, visual, code-breaking & physical… all driven by a clear story line. Just perfection.
The game was fairly linear, but there is plenty to do, and most of the puzzles required both Ian and myself to solve so bigger groups will not be left on the side lines when puzzle solving!
Each and every puzzle was excellent, with brilliant ah-ha moments and clear, concise logic. The puzzles just shone in this room, and each one was in theme with the story and theming of the room.
The flow was again, near perfection. We did not stop, and the pacing got more and more exciting throughout the game, to give an excellent conclusion to a puzzle led, yet story driven hour. I can’t praise the game play of this room enough!
Enthusiasts, this is a must to see the craft of the puzzle flow in this room! Newbies, I would recommend this as a follow up to The Don! Get a few rooms under your belt first to help with the amount there is to do! There are LOTS of puzzles in The Panic Room!

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via a screen

Game Host:
Cameron again was our game host and delivered a perfect brief and clued us with expertise.

Did we escape?
Yes, in 56 minutes

Price: https://www.thepanicroom.net/
2 Players £40
3 Players £57
4 Players £70
5 Players £80
6 Players £87.50
7 Players £95
8 Players £100

So, this also happened to be room number 150 for me! I was spoiled ROTTEN by Alex & Monique at The Panic Room, they got us an amazing trophy:
20993001_10155574470851838_773500701078138846_nAnd, as it was my birthday the day after, we had CAKE TOO!! Which I think I’ll be working my way through for a while, it was HUGE!
20954004_10155571560881838_7159411520882309672_n.jpgI would just like to say a massive THANK YOU to Alex, Monique and the entire team at The Panic Room for making my 150th Room, and my Birthday very, very special!

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