Escape Plan LTD – Battle For Britain

Escape Plan LTD – Battle For Britain.
Location: London
Game Date 17/04/2018.
Team: Amy & Ian


“The day is 18th August 1940 and the Luftwaffe have launched a resurgent attack on Britain, where your air base has been hit by the first wave of heavy bombing. As the only survivors, you must access the strategic ops room and mobilise the full force of the RAF to save Britain. But with a second attack imminent, can you also save yourselves?”

The room was beautifuly decorated, with the entrance being an unexpected highlight and a fun opening (and in hindsight set the game up for the twists and turns we were about to experience!)
The game starts off in a smallish room with plenty of style, and substance! There’s loads to look at but nothing out of place, the decoration being intergral to the game itself. Wonderful, with excellent attention to detail that we love, with lots of authentic props, and solid built items to interact with.
In the strategic ops room, the space is dominated by a massive set piece that serves as the fundamental base for the game. A really immersive idea that hides its tech and really throws you into the feeling that you HAVE TO SAVE BRITAIN. Coupled with a great soundtrack (With some Belladonna Brigade songs playing softly in the background) it really set the scene and mood for a great hour!
The room is really well lit, and more than big enough for the max team size of 7

Game Play:
A really unique and scalable game, as is in the title and story, your aim is to down as many plans as possible with the maximum being all 71. (as well as earning your freedom!) This is reflected in the sheer amount of puzzles there are to solve, to get your platoons ready to shoot down those planes.
An open game, especially once into the Ops room (The first being a little more linear)
The puzzles were incredibly varied, logic, codebreaking, physical & word (and one puzzle being especially suited to me personally!) being the mainstays but the execution was the key here, with excellent signposting leading to incredibly clear moments and utterly wonderful ah-ha moments.
The flow was fast & pacey, at times even when split up and doing our own things the our paths crossed more than once. An intricately designed and incredibly satisfying room.
There is an amazing amount of things to do in this room, and you will not stop for the entire hour. But rest assured you will be engaged, excited and exhilarated every step of the way.
The climactic & dramatic ending to this room only added to the journey and watching the final moments of the game was so tense, yet fun!
If you are a small group of enthusiasts wanting a challenge, keep your numbers down, a bigger group of enthusiasts will still have fun but it’s more of a satisfying result with less people.
Newbies I would take as many as possible, there are a LOT of puzzles in this room.

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via intercom

Game Host:
Imogen was our game host and she was wonderful. No stranger to the 1940s (being a member of the Belladonna Brigade) she delivered a wonderful brief that was well in keeping with the theme and story! Her clue delivery was excellent!

Did we escape?
Yes! We downed all 71 planes with 5 minutes remaining!

Website: https://escapeplanltd.com/
£120 Peak
£89 Off Peak

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