Escape Plan LTD – The Adventure Begins

Escape Plan LTD – The Adventure Begins.
Location: London
Game Date 18/04/2018.
Team: Amy & Ian


“Set in the barracks of a P.O.W camp, you and your comrades quickly discover the legend of Bob Hails – the only prisoner to have successfully escaped the camp. And what’s more he’s left you his journal to help you and your team evade the enemy and make your own great escape. But do you have what it takes to earn your freedom?”

A beautifully decorated and well finished room that has just the right amount of decoration and theming that doesn’t impact on the game play but still gives plenty to look at and investigate. Subtle touches in the authentic props and set pieces only add the quality and immersion in this game, which was supplemented with a good sound-track that kept us moving and put on the pressure towards the latter stages.
A well lit, and fairly spacious room that would fit 7 players in with ease, maybe a slight squeeze at the beginning, but nothing too cramped or uncomfortable.

Game Play:
This is where “The Adventure Begins” shines, an open game with critical moments of linearity which brings the team together to experience the best moments in the room.
Puzzles were varied and  covered nearly all bases, observation, physical, maths, code-breaking, and logic. A stand out feature of this room was the signposting, it was exemplary with clear indication as to where you are to input your next code. This in turn made the flow of the room impeccable, with no qualms as to where to input your next code.
The logic in the room was precise, detailed and there were no logic leaps.
Each puzzle has wonderful ah-ha moments, and when there was a moment we needed a nudge, we were kicking ourselves for not seeing the answer that was clear and logically layed out in front of us!
An absolute joy to play, seamless puzzles that lead to concise answers and signposted in a unique but not intrusive way. Perfect for first times and enthusiasts alike!

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via voice over

Game Host:
Carlos was our game host, and he was fantastic, friendly and clearly enjoys his job! He delivered hints and nudges will skill and excellent timing!

Did we escape?
Yes, in about 53 minutes (I may be wrong, will update when I find my time card!)

Website: https://escapeplanltd.com/
£120 Peak
£89 Off Peak

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