Deception Escape Rooms – Jilted?

Deception Escape Rooms – Jilted?
Location: Matlock
Game Date: 19/07/2018.
Team: Amy & Ian.

Abandoned Building

“A frightening message?

A broken chain?

A missing bride?

A freed spirit?

A Tragedy?

Or simply Jilted?

We all know not to mess around with things we don’t understand, don’t we?

And we certainly wouldn’t do it on the eve of our wedding now would we?

Amy-Jay obviously hadn’t heard about these rules and in her hotel suite on the eve of her wedding, she and some members of the bridal party decided to play a game…

It is a case of life or death, but which one? And who’s? You need to work quickly and solve the clues find out what really happened after the bridal party left the bride.”

The theming was impressive in Jilted? A bridal suite, decorated with wedding cards, gifts, trinkets and even a wedding dress! The good theme continued, with an effect we’d not seen in a room before! It made a fun, interesting (albeit small – space wise) addition to the room, and one that introduced an amount of physicality into an otherwise cerebral room.
The detail in the story is carried through the room and you do find answers to what happened to the bride and her party in a macabre, eeiry setting
The room itself is large enough for 4 player, although bigger groups may find themselves a little bit squeezed in at points.
The lighting was subdued and atmospheric, this didn’t impact on the game play

Game Play:
A liner game that consisted of observation, logic, skill, physical, math, word, searching and codebreaking. A great mix of puzzles packed into the hour.
The puzzles were logical, and had satisfying ah-ha moments with each being clear and concise.
The flow was good, and the sense of discovery through the room was fun (if a little tiring!)
There were some really nice, neat puzzles in the room which led to a good sense of progression with no sticking points of deliberate pitfalls.
A good game for enthusiasts and newbies alike, with a unique theme and unique elements to boot!

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via a walkie talkie. I don’t mind Walkies for clues, but a major miscommunication (that ultimately cost us the win, and left us on a puzzle for a long time)  between Tina and Myself highlighted the downfall of walkies for clues… sometimes these things just can’t be helped, but the game was still enjoyable!

Game Host:
Tina was our game host, she was friendly and gave us a good brief and backstory which set the scene nicely!

Did we escape?
We went 5 minutes over time

Website: https://www.deceptionescaperooms.com
2 Players £40
3 Players £60
4 Players £80
5 Players £100
6 Players £120

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