Break Escape – The Enchanted Forest

Break Escape – The Enchanted Forest.
Location: Loughborough
Game Date: 19/07/2018.
Team: Amy, Ian & Simon.


Be transported in to the mythical winter world of The Enchanted Forest, can you save the magic crystal from the clutchs of the dark queen?

There is no denying that this is a beautiful game, the set build is top quality, and the method of transporting to the Enchanted Forest is perfect, fun and unique!
The enchanted forest itself is magical, a snow covered glittery fantasyland that is so immersive and just gorgeous to look at, I spent a lot of time just taking in the surroundings and atmosphere! No detail is left out. A beautiful place to spend the hour’s game play.
The room is large and well lit (yet atmospherically so) and will easily accomodate the max number of 6 players

Game Play:
A game that starts linear and then becomes more open as the game progresses. This gives a sense of order in the “real world” and a sense of openess and freedom in the forest. Puzzles were incredibly varied, with math, logic, word, observation, aural, searching, and skill all being woven into the narritive and perfectly in theme with the environment.
The puzzles in themselves were excellent, each with good logic but not too easy, you had to use  plenty of critical thinking to solve them. The skill puzzles were pitched just right (for the boys… I left them to it!) the interaction throughout the game with the Dark Witch was a lovely touch, and added so much to the game.
There was a good amount of interaction with the room itself, with aspects of puzzles being incorporated into the set design.
The flow was impeccable, with signposting being noticible but not intrusive to the game play.
A brilliant immersive journey with story, and narrative driven by the wonderfully thematic puzzles that leads to a fully realised and magical hour!

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via an intercom.

Game Host:
Jak & Tom were our game hosts, and as we’d come to expect they ran our game with perfection, delivering clues with impeccable timing. Their passion and dedication really shows in their hosting and rooms

Did we escape?
Yes in 55 minutes!

Website: http://www.breakescape.co.uk/
2 Players £45 Off Peak / £50 Peak
3 Players £55 Off Peak / £60 Peak
4 Players £65 Off Peak / £70 Peak
5 Players £75 Off Peak / £80 Peak
6 Players £85 Off Peak / £90 Peak

3 thoughts on “Break Escape – The Enchanted Forest”

  1. I love your blog but it would be great if you put the location of each room in your top 10 list or at least whether it’s North or South. 😊👍


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