Enigma Rooms – Seance

Enigma Rooms – Seance
Location: Wakefield
Game Date: 27/12/2018
Team: Amy & Ian

“Tabitha was a sickly child, but her mother would do anything to protect her, anything to save her but the deal she made did not work out as planned and now Tabitha is lost.”

Seance looks great, and the atmosphere created is perfect, from the moment the pre-game story is told to the moment we escaped the world was truely realised in an 100% immersive environment.
The story is detailed and continues through the game and puzzles. This IS a scary room and you can expect plenty of creepy interactions, scares and surprises! It is just the right amount of scary and that serves to push the story on but never impedes on puzzle solving.
The room is dimly lit, and has moments of darkness. But there was always enough mood lighting for us to see what we were doing.
The room was plenty large enough for the max number of players!

Game Play:
A linear game that consisted of some really smart puzzles that were all perfectly in keeping with the theme of the room, and only served to delve deeper into the world of Tabitha.
Logic, word, physical, team work and some light satanic ritual were what made up Seance and the puzzles did not disappoint.
Each and every puzzle was delightful and excellent in their logic, with lovely clear ah-ha moments and brilliant interactivity within the room.
The flow was wonderful and the scares came at perfect timing, never when we were solving but in the times when we were in between puzzles, and even used to great effect for signposting!
The signposting in the game was excellent, subtle yet clear and never imposing.
There was an excellent moment of team work to conclude the game and this was again, perfectly in theme with the game.
This is a game that is mostly an experience, with task-based puzzles that further the story, add to that some GREAT scares (my disappearing coke bottle was a highlight) it all combined to give a realistic, immersive journey. An incredibly enjoyable game that is one to really be experienced and one to throw yourself into wholeheartedly!

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via a screen in the room

Game Host:
Keiran was our game host and provided us with an excellent scary experience delivering scares and hints with perfect timing.

Did we escape?
Yes, in around 45 minutes

2 Players £40
3 Players £51
4 Players £64
5 Players £70
6 Players £78

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